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Business Blog Help: My Top 20 Business Blogging Tips
Joe Hauckes just hosted a blog carnival for folks whose blogs' birthdays were this month.  I somehow missed it, but I'm grateful to Joe for inadvertently inspiring me to remember my own blog's birthday.  Here are a few thoughts on my first year at Business Blog Wire.

On October 17, 2005, I published my first post.  I shared 10 reasons why someone might find my blog useful.

Two well-wishers graced my 90-day commemoration, and four stopped by for my six-month remembrance ... I'm expecting at least eight of you to step forward and congratulate me or else! :)

My top blogging tips learned in this first year, in no particular order, are as follows:

Chocolate Cake On Plate With Frosting And Cherry.jpg1. Post regularly and frequently.
2. Don't worry about what to say.
3. Encourage conversation.
4. Be indispensable and irreplaceable.
5. Share valuable information.
6. Put a smile on someone's face today.
7. Supercharge your reading with Web feeds.
8. Sweeten your posts with images.
9. Listen and respond to what others say about you, your blog and your topic.
10. Master blogging search engines and tools.
11. Work harder and smarter and faster each day.
12. Read less, write more.
13. The early bird gets the links.
14. Recognize others' help.
15. Make friends with expert bloggers in your niche.
16. Don't obsess over traffic.
17. Leverage social bookmarking and news sharing sites.
18. Stick to a schedule.
19. Get used to getting out of your comfort zone.
20. Forget yourself and focus on others.

There's plenty more where those tips came from and I guess you'll just have to wait for me to share them during my second year here at Business Blog Wire :).

Thank you, my friends, for making this first year an amazing discovery-filled journey through the land of corporate/business/pro blogging.  Here's to Year #2!

Please leave your comments, congratulations, condolences, contributions, compensations or even consternations below!

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Happy Birthday Mr. Blogtipper!!! I have benefitted so much from reading your blog and you are officially invited to my blog birthday party in June 2007.

See you tomorrow on Blogtipping Day!

So we don't have to find out what the "or else" is, Happy Blog Birthday, Easton! Two down, six to go. :-)

Seriously, Happy Birthday! A year is long in internet time, and you've put out a lot of good work.

Happy Blog-Birthday, Easton!

It is nothing short of amazing what you've managed to do here at BBW in only a year's time.

Yep all true and it never hurts to be reminded of what it takes to succeed in the blogging world. I noticed that a lot of my reading last month was about what a blog can do for the blogger and how it can move your career ahead. But, if these 20 things are not in place then you may as well forget it.

Thanks to you all. Char, I'll be there next June! And see you tomorrow on B-Day.

On to another year of biz blogging!

Oh ~ :p You Had To Say it.... #12

Now the secret is out! Nobody will be coming to read our blogs anymore! :)

Nice list Easton / Take care // HART

Thanks to Chris Gribble for his first comment here. HART, long time no see - you're right, we're toast now!

Well done, you certainly have achieved a lot with this blog in twelve months and produced a lot of great content.

Happy Birthday, man!
Much respect to anyone respecting birthdays in the blogosphere.
I think I'm hitting the 3 month mark myself.

Whew! ;)

t @ dji

Happy blogiversary Easton. Keep up the great work in promoting business and corporate blogging. :-)

Happy Blogbirthday Easton,
Do you remeber my blog about corporate blogging from Poland?
I still am learninig from your blog. Keep it up!!!

I wouldn't peg you as a 3-month-old, Tony - you're a natural at blogging.

Luke, Vincent, Wayne - thanks for stopping by! Wayne, we'll talk tomorrow :). Luke, great job and keep it up on your blog.

Happy Blogiversary Easton! You've done a heckuva lot of great work in a year's time - well done. And thanks for the Blogtipping thing - it's nice to have at least one day a month accounted for on my blog! :-) All the best.


Congrats! It's remarkable the influence you have had on the blogging community in a short 365 days. Just blog tipping alone is a remarkable legacy you have started.

I can't wait to see what you come up with for year #2!



Wow, has it only been a year? As part of your audience, I'm sure everyone will agree you gave us two years worth of value.

Congrats and thanks!

Thanks guys. Great to see so many friends here. This next year promises to be even better!

Hi Easton,

My reading is about two days behind. What does that say for my schedule? I'll likely be a day late for blog tipping, too.



No worries, Carolyn. Blogtipping Day comes every 30 days or so anyway :).

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