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How Far In Advance Are Your Posts Prescheduled?
If you were suddenly unable to create new posts for your blog, how long would your blog survive?

1 day?  7 days?  A month? Anyone got blog posts pre-scheduled more than a month in advance?

I'm just curious to find out who's the most prepared in case of an emergency.

The holidays are coming up soon in the U.S.  Emergencies crop up, planned or unplanned.  Things happen that make it difficult or impossible to sit down and write new material for your blog.

At the moment, I've got zero pre-scheduled posts.  (Bad blogger, bad.) :)  I'd like to build up a reserve of at least a week (if not two to four weeks) and keep it going at that size, so that if I ever need to step away from my blog for a few days, the posts can continue to appear regularly and readers can continue to get frequent updates.  So I'll get to work on that.

A good pre-scheduled post reserve is a must-have for any business blog or corporate blog that thrives on posting regularity - which is probably the vast majority.  Readers unsubscribe from feeds after a while if you stop posting and don't explain why - regardless of whether you've had an emergency, you need to keep them informed as to when they can expect you to publish again.

How many of you have a blog post reserve?  How do you maintain it?  Have you ever had an emergency prevent you from posting for several days or weeks?  Spill them beans.

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I'm with you – I have none. I've been planning on building up a reserve, but finding the time has been hard.

One thing I'm going to try to do is on my writing days, instead of just writing the big posts for the week, add one more. That way after a few times, I'll have at least a week's worth or so.

Interesting that you talk about this Easton, as I've been thinking about these very things over the last week or so. Until now it has been my practice to write everything at the moment. (I'm pretty deadline motivated.)

But as my schedule continues to get busier and more unpredictable I'm beginning to rethink my approach. It seems to me working out ahead at least a little bit is a really good idea!

Easton, are you my subconscious? This falls under something I know I should do but haven't. Actually I have all the posts for Essential Keystrokes planned this week (5 part series) but I haven't actually written each part until I post it.

I think I am going to, at a minimum, start keeping my idea journal with me for times when I am away from my office with time to think.

If I were concentrating on a blog, I'd say a few days ahead of schedule.

But your question really raises some interesting questions about strategy. For many people having the time to blog is just hard to find. That's one reason, I'd recommend developing a multiple author blog.

It's interesting I've been researching the auto blogging community, and that community’s top bloggers are invariably run by multiple author blogs.

However, I still like your idea of posting ahead of schedule. Though sometimes news and events appear that push your previously drafted articles aside. So it’s important to write articles that are timeless in nature. Otherwise your post is less relevant.

I generally have a few days in reserve, but as a mommyblogger, gardenblogger, and corporate blogger (on the same blog no less), it is really difficult to do anything further in advance than that. Thanks for the reminder that I need to try harder. *smile*


Great post. I have been thinking lately about being "Blog Storage" prepared. :)

Ideally, I'd like to maintain a pre-scheduled bank of general topic posts, and then address the timely things as they happen.

And just out of curiosity, can readers tell when a post has been pre-written or not?

i don't think anybody can have a month's advance on posts. unless you do it like how darren rowse at problogger with group writing projects to take care of time that u r on vacation OR you schedule posts of a general note.

three month's ago I usually have a week's advance in my medical blog. but for a business blog like here at know more media, i can only have a day's advance, nothing more. otherwise the posts would not be of relevance anymore.

Awesome comments everyone. Gets me thinking about a possible follow-up post.

Carolynn - you asked, "Can readers tell when a post has been pre-written or not?" I'm pretty sure they can't. Unless of course it's a "breaking news" post published a week after the fact, etc. In other words, pre-scheduled posts and spur-of-the-moment posts look exactly the same.

Depends on the blog my most active blogs I keep them 3 up to 4 weeks ahead. These are posts that aren't time sensitive and have timeless info. FAQ's are a great thing to pre-schedule. When I do have something time sensitive I either post them anyway so I end up with an extra post for the week or sometimes I shuffle the pre-scheduled posts to make way for time sensitive stuff. Depends how low my reserve is ;)

Thanks Lynette. I'm getting a strong sense that a lot of you like to to prepare some posts long beforehand and also publish others on the spur of the moment. I think that tends to be a great combination.

Ironically, when this was published, I was laid up and couldn't get to my blogs for a few days. My phyche would have suffered less if I'd had a few posts written in advance.

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