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Nov 2
November 2006 Blogtipping Cuisine: Served Fresh and Hot
Welcome to The Blogtippery!  I'm Easton; I'll be your server today.

Allow me to introduce today's blogtipping menu:

Appetizer: Blogtippee Sampler Platter (all business-related)
Pamela Slim - Escape From Cubicle Nation
Angela - Work at Home Blog
Starbucker - Ramblings from a Glass Half Full
Cat Morley - Designers Who Blog
Neil Patel - Pronet Advertising
Steve - The Fast Lane
Tom Chandler - The Copywriter Underground
Noah Kagan - Okdork.com
Gretch Rubin - The Happiness Project
C.B. Whittemore - Flooring The Consumer
Kammie Kobyleski - Passion Meets Purpose
Shawn Hessinger - BootStrapMe
John Koetsier - Bizhack
John Jantsch - Duct Tape Marketing
Marcel, Steven and Toh - CoolBusinessIdeas.com
Jason Clegg - Mindful Entrepreneur
Austin Hill - Billions With Zero Knowledge
Philippa Kennealy - The Entrepreneurial MD
John Dodds - Make Marketing History
Griffin Lilly Jr. - Mo' Bettah Marketing

Red Raw Beef Steak.jpgEntree: Blogtipper Steak (nice'n'raw)

Joe Hauckes - Working at Home on the Internet
Robyn Tippins - Practical Blogging
Liz Strauss - Successful Blog
Ascender - Ascender Rises Above
Wendy Piersall - eMoms at Home
Rick Cockrum - Shards of Consciousness
TechZ - TechZOnline
Sandra Renshaw - PurpleWren (first-timer!)
Denise Aday - the effective va (first-timer)
Starbucker - Ramblings From a Glass Half Full
Michael Stelzner - Writing White Papers
Char - Essential Keystrokes
Ann Michael - Manage to Change
Ben Yoskovitz - Instigator Blog
Drew McLellan - The Marketing Minute

Dessert: Fried Blogtipping Ice Cream

Who says business can't be fun? Follow everyone's blogtipping cookin'.

16 Comments/Trackbacks

I am trying it for the first time today, it was difficult! :-) I had a hard time coming up with good 'tips' I didn't want to seem like I was being critical. I hope I did it right, I plan on joining every month- what a great idea!

My compliments to the Chef!!

I've never been part of a sampler platter before. WOW - what in the heck is going on? Can I be the dessert next time?

I want to be on the menu next month too~! Its a wonderfully interesting way to list sites, isn't it?

Wow! I don't think I've ever been an appetizer before...pretty cool though!

I can't wait to sample all the other delicious delicacies you've served up. Thanks for the nod!

Stay passionate,
Kammie K.

Now to find the steak sauce!

I love it. This is what happens when you get a bunch of business-minded bloggers together. We all love to talk, and we all love to make new friends. So enjoy the menu everyone - you next meal - er, friend - might well be on it.

Eve, you did a great job and I'm proud of you.

Thanks to everyone for their comments here.

Whoa...I rounded out the appetitizers...I hope I was crispy...

thanks for the mention!

Extra crispy, Griffin. Welcome, Ascender!

Thank YOU!! Just discovered this post. I love being an appetiser - sampled in little nibbles!

And I am honored to be tipped with all those other great people.

Good to meat - er, meet you, Philippa! (Don't worry, next month I'll esae off the food references.)

A belated thank you for the tasty mention! It is much appreciated!

Anytime, C.B. :)

Wanted to track back to this page, but couldn't figure out how... nevertheless, my mouth watered over all the cool blogs listed here, and I've dispatched my team of clone workers to read them all, and download their contents into my brain. [Don't you seriously wish you could do this some days???] Love the concept, love the logo, love the list.

Glad we could all feed your need, Susan!

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