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Dec 7
Blogtipping Roundup for December 2006

How's your December going so far?  Is it as busy as mine? :)

On December 1st, the monthly tradition of blogtipping was carried out in fine fashion.  Here's a rundown of the perpetrators and recipients of the tippery mayhem this month (let me know if you don't see the link to your blogtipping post): 

December 2006 Blogtippers (21)

Gayla at Mom Gadget
Rick Cockrum at Shards of Consciousness
Anonymous at A Spot of T
Ascender at Ascender Rises Above
Liz at Successful Blog
Lynn at Adornments by Lynn
Kris at Blogging for Money
Char at Casual Keystrokes and Essential Keystrokes
Mike at Converstations
Joe at Working at Home on the Internet
Anonymous at Work at Home Blog
TechZ at TechZOnline.net

Starbucker at Ramblings From a Glass Half Full
Carolyn at Thoughts & Philosophies
Drew at Drew's Marketing Minute
Sandra at PurpleWren
Griffin at Mo' Bettah Marketing
Michael at Writing White Papers
Ann at Manage to Change
Anonymous at I'm not just a mom ... I'm a Home Mom
Mark at Hill Country Writer
Kimberlee at Know More Media

Big Blogtipping Sign12 Random Blogtippees

Seanrox at Have Laptop Will Travel
Pascal at Start a Side Business
Andrew at WhoIsAndrewWee.com
Diane at The Write Path
Kirsten at Think Positive! Blog
Mitch at doyouQ blog
Jessica at It's Not About Your Stuff
Lynn at ClickNewz!
Valeria at Conversation Agent
Joseph at BizMediaScience
Kris at Wonder Mom
John at John Chow dot Com

Enjoy discovering other bloggers here!

13 Comments/Trackbacks

Easton - thanks for the roundup! You can add Essential Keystrokes next to Casual Keystrokes as I did separate tipping posts on both blogs. Sorry to be a pain!

Thanks for the listing!

I do love the Blog Tipping, See you Jan 1st!

You can call me Homemom3, thanks for bloggtipping. This was fun, seeing you in the new year.

This was my first month of blogtipping - I felt kind of like a meany pointing out what my tips for improvements were. However, now that I've received a comment back from a tippee with thanks, I can see how it really helps other bloggers along.

Thanks for this brilliant idea and I'll be seeing you in the next tipping adventure in 2007.

Have a happy December, Easton!

Fun times. Hey, Jan 1st will be the first day of the year as well as of the month. Any ideas to make that blogtipping round unique?

Done, Char!

And done, Ascender!

Shouldn't blogtippees get notified they are being tipped?? I just read about Blogtipping for the first time tonight, and somehow I ended up here (from Converstations) and found my blog had been tipped! So cool - loved the advice - but would have loved to read it a few weeks ago so I could promptly thank Angela. :)

Oh, and I am not asking to be snotty. I really want to know. I think I will try tipping tomorrow and don't wanna get it wrong. I'll have to do some researching tonight...

It's up to the blogtipper, Diane. It's probably wise to at least let the tippees know at some point that they've been mentioned and discussed - but I personally like to surprise them by not telling them beforehand. :)

One thing that helps with that is if we all have "ego feeds" set up to where we get notified via a Web feed whenever our names are mentioned or our blogs are linked to. Let me know if you need help on that!

Thank you, Easton. Oh, I definitely wouldn't tell them beforehand, but I'd probably want to at least say "hey, you've been tipped." I am interested in the "ego feed" you talk about - I will definitely look into that.

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