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Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: #31 Pfizer

Pfizer%20Logo.gifContinuing with the Fortune 500 Blog Project, let's turn to Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), #31 on the list of Fortune 500 companies.  Pfizer is known for making Viagra, Zoloft, Celebrex, Lipitor and a host of other drugs.

My research indicates that Pfizer has no public-facing corporate blogs at the moment.  (Don't click the top Google search result for "Viagra blog.")  I'm sure Pfizer could potentially benefit by having business blogs.  I know Gloria would love to see a Pfizer corporate blog!

I was surprised to discover that Pfizer's corporate newsroom offers several RSS feeds, something most Fortune 500 companies I've looked at don't have.

Please add to the Pfizer page at the Fortune 500 Blog Project site if you find any additional information on Pfizer corporate blogs. 

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They may not host or author any blogs but they sponsor blogs such as the Horse Health Headlines Blog!

They also, somewhat more subtly, sponsor content on the blogging/news site spiked-onine such as this, and this post based on a spiked/pfizer collaborative survey.

Which raises the question, is sponsoring bloggers or sponsoring blogger surveys as effective as corporate bloggers?

Awesome info to have - thanks, Vincent. My knee-jerk response to your excellent question would be, in some cases, yes, but in many or most cases, no. I guess it depends on what a company's end goal is with a given blog-related initiative.

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