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Business Blog Question: Do Bloggers Blog About Corporate Blogging?

How frequently do blogs discuss corporate blogging?  Are corporate blogs a hotter topic now than they were a year ago?

This Technorati chart might surprise you.


According to Technorati, the daily number of blog posts mentioning "corporate blog," "corporate blogs" or "corporate blogging" has not changed much over the past year.

On a typical day, Technorati indexes about 40-60 blog posts mentioning the three terms mentioned above.  At least several of those are duplicates of some kind (either legitimate re-posts or spam).  I suspect that there about 10 bloggers that account for 30 to 50 percent of all such posts.  (My gut talking.)


Does this mean that corporate blogs are ineffective business tools or that companies are not adopting them as previously expected?  Of course not.  But the chart above does suggest that corporate blogging is not as commonly discussed as we might assume.

What do you think this chart will look like a year from now?  Does it surprise you that so few English-language blogs appear to regularly discuss corporate blogging?

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I'd have to ask if this is the keyword people use to discuss the industry. I think people are using web 2.0, or PR 2.0, or even PR or marketing. What about the keyword blogging? I bet that has some high numbers.

I personally think corporate blogging is still very much in its infancy... but things will start to change in 2007.

I realised that most of the corporate blogging books are published in 2006! Haha.. maybe it takes time to really get into the corporations.

Good question, John. Maybe "business blogging" has more buzz attached to it, or perhaps "blogging."

Kian Ann, hopefully things will change this year and we will see lots more corporate blogs.

I agree with you there Easton

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