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44 Reasons Bloggers Are Trying Out SOAP for Free Blogging Tips

March 31, 2007 UPDATE: SOAP is currently closed.  The program has been a success so far and more than 110 bloggers have exchanged free blogging tips.  If you'd like to participate in the next version of SOAP, please let me know (email myfirstname at knowmoremedia dot com)!Join SOAP For Free Blogging Tips

On March 2, I announced a free blogging tips exchange thingy called the Scratch One Another Program (SOAP).  So far the response has been phenomenal - approximately 80 bloggers have joined so far!  Who knew so many bloggers needed a good SOAPy back-scratching?

Join the fun and SOAP somebody's blog up now!  Sign-up is free and only takes a minute - all you have to do is fill out the SOAP questionnaire.  I'll assign someone to SOAP up your blog and give you some free blog tips, and you'll get the opportunity to SOAP someone else's blog too.

If you sign up by March 31, I will also personally scratch your blogging back with some SOAPy blog advice.

Here are 44 reasons bloggers are trying out SOAP for free blogging tips, taken from actual SOAP questionnaires submitted so far:

1. I had my other blog soaped and it was very beneficial
2. I am dirty ... and need a bath
3. To boost my blog, of course!
4. To ask for advice and opinion
5. To be part of building a stronger blogging community
6. Because I need a good SOAPing!
7. To exchange expertise
8. To get some independent input
9. To become a member of a supportive blog community
10. To know fellow bloggers

11. Sounds like fun!
12. It is free
13. To build a little online community
14. I believe in giving
15. I love picking out usability issues in websites and especially blogs
16. To be among bloggers
17. To get more blog exposure
18. To make the most out of my blog
19. To connect to new folks and learn something
20. To help our community build capacity

21. To network with another blogger and to review a blog
22. Because this is the ultimate community
23. To set up business linkages
24. To get some grist for my blogging mill
25. To offer benefits to other bloggers
26. To be more involved in the blogging community
27. To get my blog out there to the public
28. To gain some readers
29. To build my network in the blogging community
30. To get some great advice

31. To hear what someone else thinks!
32. To improve my blog
33. To help someone
34. To try new things
35. It's in the spirit of good blogging
36. To take my blog up to the next notch
37. To deliver and add value to my site for readers
38. To attract lots more readers
39. To interact with other bloggers

40. I have not taken a bath for a year and I'm dying to SOAP people and get SOAPed
41. Because I need a good SOAPing!
42. To receive valuable advice
43. To share my advice with others
44. Ted Demopoulos wouldn't stop talking about it!

If only for that last reason, I hope you'll consider passing the blog SOAP with the rest of us!

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Not only am I talking about it incessantly, I believe I may compose a SOAP Sonnet!

It was so much fun, I'm going in for seconds! Thanks again Easton.

I just signed up...what will happen next?

Great Ponn! Jesper, I'll email ya.

I'm bored, think I'll go blog on SOAP somemore :)
Get on my SOAP Box!

Go right ahead, Ted!

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