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Stop Cyberbullying Day: We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Stop%20Sign%20for%20Stop%20Cyberbullying%20Day.jpgWhy care about Stop Cyberbullying Day?  Why care about Kathy Sierra?

Because we have a problem.  You have a problem.  I have a problem.

The world and its World Wide Web have a big, big problem. 

The stalking, the trolling, the harassment, the meanness, the carelessness - it needs to stop.

To those who are cruel online - stop it now.

To those who have the power to stop online cruelty - do something now.

At the very least, let's talk about this.  Agree or disagree, but make some noise.

Personal and corporate blogs with piles of sarcastic and mean comments.  Wikis and forums brimming with negativity and antagonism.  Inboxes and chat rooms filling up with death threats and insults.

Whole communities thriving on cynicism, verbal violence and contempt for constructive thought.

What are we leaving to our children?

Build up, don't tear down.  Collaborate, don't violate.  Help, don't hurt.  Is it that hard to do?

No more sitting idly while online cyberbullying and its evil siblings raise hell.

Shut 'em down and lock 'em up.

The time for passiveness was over before it began.

It's 2007.  Time to change the world for the nicer.

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