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Apr 2
10 Reasons Business Blog Wire Will Be HOT in April 2007

Stick%20With%20Flame%20Of%20Fire%20In%20Darkness.jpgLook out.

Thanks to Tan Kian Ann's blogtipping, I've decided to make Business Blog Wire HOT this month - Herculean, Outgoing, Tipsy.

Herculean = More posts, more muscle.
Outgoing = Man behind the curtain takes away the curtain.
Tipsy = Blogging tip overload.  What else could it mean? ;)

10 reasons why Business Blog Wire will be HOT in April 2007:

10. Guest Blogger Week.  April 23-27 (Monday through Friday) will be a special Guest Blogger Week here at BBW.  Tipsy times 10.  Interested?  Let me know.

9. SOAP 2.0 Countdown.  Lessons learned from SOAP so far, plus a preview of the blogging tips madness to come in May.  That's right - SOAP 2.0 for free blogging tips is coming May 1st!

8. Blogtipping: An Inside Look.  Roundup post this week, plus a post series starting next week on how to make a successful meme.

7. Fortune 500 Blog Project: Blogging Behemoths.  Once Teresa gets it back online, we'll continue reviewing corporate blogs by Fortune 500 companies.  Every Monday we'll have a fresh company blogging review here.

6. Corporate blogging news every Tuesday.  Fresh and steamy.


5. Pro blogging tips and tricks every Wednesday.  Hot and spicy.

4. Blogger challenges every Thursday.  Bring your A-game.

3. Birthday Bash.  Details to come.

2. Project Phoenix.  I think you'll like it.

... drum roll ... 

And the #1 reason why Business Blog Wire will be HOT in April 2007:

1. Shameless Gossip!  Kidding.  But every Friday I'll dish you up some dirt on what Know More Media and I are doing.

Please help me turn up the heat!

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Waaaay to go Easton! :) Great to have you back!

This blog was probably one the first really useful blogs I discovered on my blogging journey. I have been a loyal reader and blogtipper ever since. I am looking forward to it getting a little HOT around here - and SOAPY - because you have so much great info to share.

And as far as guest blogging goes - sign me up!

Thanks Kian Ann and Char for the motivation and participation. I'm going to share some HOT goals later today for my blog this month. Looking forward to this!

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