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10 Ways to Announce Your Birthday On Your Business Blog

Birthday%20Cake.gifAssuming you don't mind the whole world knowing your birthday, here are 10 ways to announce on your business blog that the Earth has just completed one more revolution around the Sun since you emerged into this world utterly blogless:

1. List the birthdays of 9 famous people in your industry or who have influenced your profession.  Then explain that today is also your birthday and offer several compelling reasons why you always ought to be included in any future top 10 list on the matter.

2. Give the dictionary definitons of birthday and birthdate and compare and contrast the two terms, explaining the ways in which people may sometimes confuse their usage.  Then tell everyone it's your birthday but not your birthdate, and grin in a geeky manner.

spamlite.jpg3. Couple your business blog birthday announcement with a social media and mainstream media blitz: Digg it, Fark it, Shoutwire it, Lipstick it, Newsvine it, PRWeb it, Wikipedia it, etc.  Attach a nice photo of Spam Lite for brownie points.

4. Discuss at length the many reasons why discussing at length things like birthdays on business blogs is highly inappropriate.  Then spend several paragraphs refuting that argument.  Finally, thank the reader for bothering to read your self-referential diatribe and offer to buy them some birthday cake.

5. Share your 10 favorite business blogs and spread the link love around.  Then complain about the fact that none of those blogs has shown any reference whatsoever to your birthday today.

6. Announce that the nth person (n = your age in years) to comment on your birthday announcement post or email you will win a fabulous prize such as a PEZ dispenser.

7. Tell the world where you were on each birtday you've had so far and relate at least one business skill you acquired in the year preceding that birthday.  For birthdays 1-5, getting potty trained, learning to walk and eat at the same time, drinking bathtub water and other such skills can suffice.

8. Share a photo that encapsulates your seriousness, your business sense and your greatest qualities in a single image.  Pontificate on what the photo means to you.

9. Post a cryptic link to a YouTube video in which you announce your birthday and sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself.

10. List 10 ways to announce your birthday on your business blog - on your business blog.  Exactly.

Cheers and have a great HOT blogging April!

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great ways for a b'day announcement. Happy b'day

Happy Birthday Silly!

Happy Birthday Easton! And thanks for reminding me that it is my favorite Aunt's birthday too and I need to send her a note.

ooooh how timely, mine's tomorrow!! :P

happy birthday easton!

Now you tell me! It's 358 days to my next birthday. Happy birthday.

Did I say it was my birthday? :)

Thank you all. And I hope these tips remind business bloggers to always have a little fun.

Happy Birthday, Easton!!!

You could also post it on www.announceabirthday.com too :)

This blog was probably one the first really useful blogs I discovered on my blogging journey. I have been a loyal reader and blogtipper ever since. I am looking forward to it getting a little HOT around here - and SOAPY - because you have so much great info to share.

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