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Apr 5
How To Find Blog Comments Fast?

Question%20Mark%20on%20Blue%20Flag.jpgThursdays are Blogger Challenge days here at Business Blog Wire, a HOT blog in April 2007.  Subscribe to my RSS feed to get instant updates on future blogger challenges and free blogging tips and news.

Lorelle VanFossen does an incredible weekly series called Blog Challenge that you ought to follow.  This is different.

My weekly Blogger Challenge consists of a single blogging question - a blog stumper, if you will.  Let's make this a mini-blog contest and see what happens (no grand announcement - although you might see one of those here soon).

Please leave your answer below or post it and link back here so I know about it.  The person with the best answer wins their choice of:

  • A thorough blog SOAPing from me (in other words, an in-depth blog review designed to help you boost your traffic, ad revenue, design or anything else you want to improve)
  • A nice big virtual pat on the back
  • Anything else anyone wants to offer (suggestions?)

I'll highlight the blogger with my favorite answer next Monday right here.  Deadline for answers is midnight Pacific Time on Easter Sunday, April 8.

I reserve the right to change this weekly feature and any conditions specified within it for any reason.  That said, have at it!

Ah yes, the question. 

This week's Blogger Challenge:

You are given a list of 100 blog URLs.  You must find out the number of comments posted in March 2007 at each blog on the list.  What's the fastest way to complete the assignment?

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Couldn't you have started with an easier challenge? :) I work in IT consulting so our solution would be to offshore the work and have 100 staff in solution centers spending a finding all posts for a URL for March and submitting the count into a shared spreadsheet for summing!

I had a look at Yahoo Pipes, thought you might be able to paste the URLs on a source stage, send it through a filter for dates, send it into a Regex stage and use a Perl Script to scrape the part that says how many comments there are, dump the result into Excel for summing. Not clever enough to get this working.

Really Easton. You are making my brain hurt! This is a cool challenge - I hope someone has the answer for us.

Well, first I'd need to get my 13-year old niece away from the computer. Then I'd say something like, "Easton, are you a crazy man?"

I've been trying out a website called CoComment to help me follow comments.


Not sure that this is the right answer, but it does give feed-based subscriptions to comments that might work to find all March comments for all 100 URLs.

Still sounds like a ton of work. I'm going to be watching to see what the "right" answer is!

Chris Brown

Great answers, everyone. I love coComment, Chris - I'm a longtime coCo user.

I'll post later today on whose answer I liked best. I do appreciate ya'll stopping by and hope to see you again for the next Blogger Challenge next Thursday!

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