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Apr 3
Business Blog News: Technorati, Jarvis, SOBCon, F500BP, New Blogs

Folded%20Black%20White%20Newspaper.jpgAs promised yesterday, this is gonna be a HOT blog in April 2007.  Every Tuesday this month, I'll share some of the latest corporate blogging news.  I've scoured every mention of "corporate blog" over the past week (according to Technorati) and have applied my patented Easton filter to give you this condensed business blogging news update.

This week, here are some of my favorite recent stories related to corporate blog news:

Technorati Blog Search Engine Continues to Grow

Technorati CEO Dave Sifry posted on the company's corporate blog on the current state and recent growth of Technorati.  Technorati now receives more than 9 million unique visitors a month and remains the most popular blog search engine (according to Hitwise) despite close competition from Google Blog Search.

Dave's money quote for me:

"Later this week, we'll release our new "State of the Live Web", which will include our usual State of the Blogosphere report, but will now also include additional information on areas outside of just blogs. As we continue to build out this report in coming quarters, we'll do our best to continually add new information - on video, on microformats, and more."

There's also a new Technorati Authority Widget (now happily and messily slapped into my sidebar at right) that displays the number of blogs linking to yours.


Former Dell Critic Jeff Jarvis Meets With Dell Corporate Bloggers

Journalist/blogger Jeff Jarvis talked and drank with some of the Dell corporate blog team earlier this week.  That in itself is big news.

Upcoming SOBCon Relationship Blogging Conference Welcomes More Prospective Attendees

I'm calling this corporate blogging news because all corporate bloggers ought to attend the upcoming SOBCon blogger conference in Chicago, May 11-12.  I've explained why you should attend SOBCon before.  Just register right now.

Here's one more reason to go to SOBCon: Dr. Rob Wolcott.  Rob is the Director of the Innovation Initiative for the Kellogg School of Management, and he's "jazzed about blogging." Rob will attend SOBCon 07 with a member of his team from Clareo Partners. His firm has also extended an invitation to all professors, corporations, and students at the school.

Bonus reason: Andy Sernovitz.  He'll be the luncheon keynote speaker.  Andy is the cofounder and the past CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and literally wrote the book on Word of Mouth Marketing.

Fortune 500 Blog Project Wiki to Resurface Soon 

The Fortune 500 Blog Project Wiki is on temporary hiatus, but will reappear soon so we can populate it with more Fortune 500 corporate blog reviews.

In Other Corporate Blogging News ...

I scrounged up two brand new corporate blogs - go say hi to 'em:

ArtWeb LLC Blog

ShapeShift New Media

... Finally, look for corporate blog reviews coming soon at Online Marketing Stuff.

Till next Tuesday, this is the Business Blog Wire Corporate Blog News ... out!

I totally just pulled a Seacrest - yeesh!

If you find cool corp blogging news items, let me know and I'll link to you in next week's edition.

Tomorrow I'll have something to share with you along the lines of pro blogging tips and tricks.

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I'm looking to buy one of those patented Easton Ellsworth filters . . . tell me are they hugely expensive?


Thanks for the mention!


Johann Schwella

Terribly, Liz - but discounts are available upon request :)

Welcome, Johann.

Great post! I love seeing how corporate blogging is evolving so rapidly. Keep up the great work!

Thanks terra and nice to meet you!

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