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May 1
SOAP Is Back: Share Business Blogging Tips Here

SOAP%20Logo.jpgAfter a one-month break, the Scratch One Another Program (SOAP) for free business blogging tips is back - and SOAPier than ever!

What is SOAP?

SOAP is a volunteer program wherein business bloggers give and receive free blogging tips.


  • To connect with and learn from other business bloggers.
  • To get free blogging help fast.
  • To help other pro bloggers.
  • To make you feel clean inside and out.

Who may participate in SOAP?

Anyone may give free blogging tips for SOAP.  However, only business blogs may get SOAPed.  A business blog is one that discusses a business topic, functions as a corporate blog, or is primarily used for professional or money-making purposes.  So the blogging tips here will be especially useful to pro bloggers.

How do I participate in SOAP?

1. SOAP someone else.  When a SOAP request appears at the official SOAP page, simply offer your blogging tips for the SOAPee in a comment after the post or in a post at your own blog.

2. Get SOAPed.  After you've SOAPed someone else, you may get SOAPed.  Fill out the SOAP request form.  If your request qualifies, I will publish it in a post at the official SOAP page.

What else do I need to know about SOAP?

  • Before you can get SOAPed, you must SOAP somebody else.
  • You must SOAP someone new each time you wish to get SOAPed.
  • You may only be SOAPed once per blog of yours per month.
  • Each time a SOAP request is published, I will wait to publish the next SOAP request until someone SOAPs the SOAPee or seven calendar days have passed, whichever comes first.  Then I'll publish the next request as soon as possible.
  • I won't personally SOAP every SOAPee like last time.  (I still owe some prior SOAP participants a good SOAPing - I will SOAP each of you as promised!)

If you're interested in professional blogging help, let me know - I know a few good folks. :)

If you'd like to be the lucky first SOAPee who doesn't have to SOAP anyone else first, just be the first person to ask below!

6 Comments/Trackbacks

Hi Easton

I'm ready for some more froth and bubble. I would love my blog Grow Your Writing Business to be SOAPed all over again. It was such fun last time. :)

Yvonne Russell
Grow Your Writing Business

I soaped....was promised a soap...never got soaped! Hey, fork over the soaping!

On its way, piping hot, Kuanyin!

Same here...

I've soaped and still waiiiiiiiiiiting for my soap!

You got it Yvonne!

You're on the list, Renee!

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