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ReferNow Survey On Referral Marketing; Tasty Blogging Meme In My Oven

Please fill out this quick survey to help ReferNow learn more about how businesses use referrals in their marketing and sales efforts.  ReferNow is a Know More Media client, and I like their business model.  We've done some paid posts for them to help announce their new business.  (I wasn't paid to write this post; just wanted to help them get as many responses as possible.  And this isn't an affiliate link; no money will change hands when you take the survey.)

Ah, plus 5 random survey participants will get a free 1-year subscription to ReferNow!

The survey is fast, free (of course) and just asks 10 easy questions.  So if you're into marketing like Drew McClellan or just want to know that you made Easton's day while adding to the world's compendium of light and truth about the role of referrals in business, please take the ReferNow survey.  To tempt you further, I've cooked up a tasty image you can click on to go to the survey.

Speaking of tasty ...

Fudge%20Brownies.jpgI'm so excited to tell you about this business blogging meme I've thought up - it's downright devilish - but it's just too half-baked right now.  But once the brownies reach that perfect gooey-but-not-soupy point, I'll serve 'em up hot!  (So to speak.)  It's not a blogger-to-blogger thang like blogtipping or SOAP; rather, it has to do with you and your blog alone.

Hungry yet?

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