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Time Is Money: My TOP 5 Time-Saving Pro Blogging Tips

Here are my top 5 time-saving pro blogging tips (this is part of Problogger Darren Rowse's latest group writing project:

#5 - Faster Computer / Web connection / Software.  Buy a new computer, upgrade your Internet connection, or upgrade your existing computer (especially through more RAM, bigger monitor, better graphics card, better CPU, etc.).  Use Firefox as your Web browser - there are so many reasons why, but customizability, security and simplicity are my favorites.  I've also decided to get a new desktop computer - probably a 24" iMac Core 2 Duo - to replace my 3-year-old Dell Dimension 2400 PC.  I figure that I'll probably work at least 15% faster on the new computer - meaning that it will only take me 34 hours a week to do what is now taking me 40.  So that's about 300 work-hours saved a year thanks to a $2,000ish machine.  As long as I'm worth more than about $7 an hour, the purchase will have paid for itself in a few months. :)

#4 - Use a feedreader and limit your "reading" time every day.  I'd suggest limiting yourself to 30 minutes or less of "reading" time per day.  Read time-saving tips at Lifehacker, Lifehack, etc.  Just be specific.  Oh, and write first, THEN read.

#3 - Tabbed browsing, bookmark folders, bookmarklets, keyboard shortcuts.  Lifehacker has tons of posts on these.  So does Micro Persuasion.

#2 - Make and stick to a blog posting schedule.  And pre-schedule your posts as far in advance as possible.  Then add in day-to-day posts to fill out the schedule.  Darren Rowse does it, and it works pretty well (so I've heard).  I try to do it, and it always makes me more at ease when I'm doing it.  So many reasons why - mainly though, you will write more in less time and have a better sense of timing itself, to maximize the effect of your blog.

#1 - Plan ahead, review your progress regularly, and never stop thinking about how to improve.  Each morning, take up to 15 minutes to plan each day before you dive in.  Decide what the most important activities are.  15 minutes per day is about 1 percent of your life spent planning.  I guarantee it will make the other 99 percent more worthwhile.  Oh, and every Sunday or Monday, take a few minutes to look at the week ahead; do the same at the start of each month and each year.  Adjust according to your needs; just remember that:

When performance is measured, performance improves.
When performance is measured and evaluated, the rate of improvement increases.

See a lot of you guys at SOBCon.

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I agree, having the right hardware/software plus discipline allows you to be effective and productive at the same time.

Great tips! I just bought a 20in. iMac Core Duo and it is definitely worth it. Provided you put that time you save to good use, of course. But either way, you'll spend less time staring blankly at the computer screen waiting...waiting...waiting...and you'll be less angry towards those around you. Yay!

I'm about to delve into the world of Quicksilver, which I hear can be life changing if you're patient with it.

Before blogging:
15" monitor
2 GHz Processor
768 MB RAM
1.5 Mbps DSL broadband
$0 extra monthly income

Now (Currently Blogging):
1 - 22" widescreen monitor
1 - 19" widescreen monitor
3.3 MHz Processor
15 Mbps cable broadband
2 laptops (specs above are for desktop)
Home server (MS Home Server 2007 Beta, currently)
$650 extra monthly income

The extra equipment more than pays for itself :)

Although I must admit, my free time (friends, family) has went down considerably.

Thanks guys for these helpful comments. I really appreciate it because I'll end up with a better, faster and hopefully cheaper machine as a result. :) Hopefully it will help other visitors here as well.

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