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When Is Blogging A Waste Of Time? 10 Nasty Examples

skull.jpgWhen is blogging a waste of time?  Let's count the ways.  Here are 10 particularly nasty examples of blogging time wasters.

Blogging is a waste of time: 

1. When you publish a blog post that provides little or no value to your target audience.

2. When your blog has no clear target audience.

3. When you are only pretending to be "blogging" (you're reading, you're looking at email, you're surfing YouTube, etc.).

4. When you should be talking to individuals by phone or email or in person instead of producing blog content.

5. When your blog posts are not indexed in major Web search engines and blog search engines.


6. When you are mean.

7. When you plagiarize.

8. When you merely echo, rather than respond originally.

9. When you overedit before publishing.

10. When you blog before you think.

Do you ever waste time while blogging?  Have you ever made any of the above mistakes?  I know I have.  Now is the time to repent.  Let the intervention begin!

#3, #9, #4, #2 and #1 are my worst enemies.  What about you?

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Have I ever made any of the above mistakes? Oh yeah! In order...

9. When you overedit before publishing.

I'm definitely guilty of overthinking and/or overediting on some posts in an effort to condense or make more concise a lengthy or rambling post. Sometimes what should've been a 10-minute blog entry ends up consuming over an hour before I know it.

8. When you merely echo, rather than respond originally.

I worry about this sometimes and I'm reluctant to post an entry when it seems like I'm just mirroring someone else's thoughts. But sometimes a tidbit is worth passing on in spite of being more copycat than fresh - to your readers, it may be original.

2. When your blog has no clear target audience.

Given that 2Dolphins is very much a personal blog, the topics vary greatly, so I do wonder sometimes if there's too little focus. I feel like the Blogger labels have helped to at least corral some of our wandering notions into navigable catgories.

1. When you publish a blog post that provides little or no value to your target audience.

Sheesh, I wonder if there exists a blogger who doesn't have pangs of self-doubt that lead to overthinking or agonizing over posts because they don't seem meaty enough...

Mine would be about stressing out too much. I always come back to reminding myself that I'm doing this because I want to serve people - not because I want to prove how prolific I am! I often stop writing and wait til I return to the computer with a better energy. (Hmmmm... then there's #5! I'm not sure how good I've been with that kind of thing!)

Rob, Christine ... I feel your pain.

Rob, I'm a lot like you in all the aspects you mentioned.

Christine, you make a great point - thanks for visiting, too! I think this might be your first comment here. As far as #5 (getting your blog indexed), I think you might have a problem. For example, I'm not sure Technorati is seeing your recent posts (see here). I'll see what I can do!

Great list. Numbers six and seven are pet peaves. Color me guilty on the rest.

Have a great week-end.

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Hey Easton. This is a great idea. I just picked up on your post and added to it on my blog. Take a look.

Thanks Dawud. Maybe this will eventually lead to a nice big list of time-saving tips for bloggers.

#3 is the bane of my (blogging) life at the moment. I get up early in the morning before the rest of the family, to put some time in to writing articles, open Google Reader...and get nothing done. I tell myself that I am expanding my community and making comments etc, which is all well and good, but there ain't no blog writing being done.

"Don't open Google Reader!" Yeah, I know, the old "Doctor, it hurts when I do this," joke...

And #9 and #10 are a fine balancing act, no?

What about blogs that like to make money by publishing sponsor posts often, are they wasting time too?

Nice comments everyone. Troy and Rory, thanks for commiserating. Rory, yes, #9 and #10 present a problem - how do you know when it's time to post? But I guess over time you can get the hang of it. Practice, practice!

Alan, maybe, maybe not - it depends on the frequency of the posts and how that compares to annoyance threshold of the readership. Some people don't mind (or actually like) seeing a sponsored post every 5 or 10 posts; others might no care if every other post is a paid post; others might hate ever seeing one. Relevance is also key in that regard.

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I thought this post was not a great use of my time. Not much here -- how about some elaboration on the points?

PS: Intellitxt is obnoxious.

#3 gets me all the time.

Thanks for the nudge Easton. Back to work!

Thanks for your comments guys. Anon, I appreciate your feedback and would be happy to talk in more detail with you.

Sometimes I wonder about #1, but then again, my site is new and I probably have not been as good as I should be about #5 and other marketing. I blog because I like to write and don't even yet do as good a job as I should at getting all I write on my blog.

I am definitely guilty of #9. Anyone overcome that one? Advice on how you did it?

I also wonder how getting posts with lists like this picked up by others can affect #5? For example, this exact list is on 2 or 3, at least, other blogs. The ones I found credit this blog, but then republish the list in it's entirety. Does that cause any kind of duplicate content penalty by the search engines?

How 'bout when you blog your opinions on what good blogging is? Now THAT is a waste of blogging time.

I'm with the others here - Example #9 is a tough nut to crack.

Depending on the topic of the post, my writing sometimes flows quickly and reads well immediately. Other times, I find myself revisiting a post half a dozen times before it seems right and in those instances, my initial draft often seems kinda wordy and/or unwieldy.

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