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Jun16 Smart Linux Web Hosting Choice

Sponsored Review offers robust Linux Web hosting at affordable prices.  It's an interesting Linux hosting provider because it offers lots of nifty newfangled features like real-time traffic graphs, ASP.NET support for Linux, reseller accounts and the ability to instantly cluster (handy if your site or blog gets hit by a thousand Diggs in a day, for instance).  I'm no hosting expert, but I understand enough to know that these guys are tricked out.


Something that makes Ubiquity Hosting a unique Linux hosting service is its website.  I know that's probably not what you expected to hear, but I mean it.  The corporate website of most web hosts is plain vanilla boring and doesn't do a good job of selling the hosting product.  In contrast, the UH website is well organized and pleasing to my eye - unlike a lot of Web host websites. :)  And it's authentic - for example, you get actual photos of the staff and actual links to other sites corroborating UH's claims on security, stability, etc. 

Check out the official Ubiquity Hosting blog for company news (up since 2004).  I really like the corporate site and corporate blog, guys - just update your company blog a little more often, please!

If you're looking for a good Linux website host, might be just the right solution.

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I'll remember this when I need hosting! *=)

after spending massive amounts of money getting a cluster setup, they didn't even give the Xeons paid for. then had the nerve to say it was what we'd paid for. 12 days before our account expired they changed the servers and still they didn't even server 150,000 page views.

terrible terrible servers. never ever do business with them!

They have terrible supprt as well, they constantly deleted support tickets and rarely answered their phone. not what you expect from over $7000 setup fee!

Anybody else had a good or bad experience with these guys? Thanks Gavin for the comment.

I've been with them for 3 years and have had nothing but an awesome experience, we've ended up moving in all of our company's infrastructure under their brand.

I can't fathom where Gavin anonymous comment came from, but if you check their site you'll see a live support operator available 24/7, which has never failed me.

sadly found the same problems their support tickets go missing, phones go unanswered and their 24/7 online support is often manned only 4 hours per day.

Very poor host.

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