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Corporate Lifestreaming: Simple And Useful

Steve Rubel and Josh Bancroft, two notable tech bloggers, have created lifestreams (Josh's concept) at their personal sites.  A lifestream is a running record of one's online published content - an aggregation of your blogging, Twittering, commenting (if you use coComment), Facebooking, and anything else you do and can track via RSS.  Steve explains the signficance of lifestreams.

Lifestreams are simple to implement and, I think, extremely useful.  You could create a public lifestream for friends and followers to track.  Or you could make a private lifestream for you own record-keeping.  Web feeds obviate the need to visit various locales around the Web to find out what a person has been up to lately.

So I think a natural next step for businesses is to create a corporate lifestream - an online PR room "2.0" of sorts.  Your company could have an internal lifestream where employees pool together their multifaceted online efforts to promote the brand, for example - the comments they leave at blogs, the blog posts they've published, the forum entries they've created, etc.  The level of aggregation would be up to you.

Or you could do a public lifestream - a supercharged corporate blog - so people could really see what your company is doing around the Web.

On the corporate side ...

If, say, the GMail team had a lifestream, it could continually update us on answers to questions its team members were publishing at various blogs and websites, posts the team members were making at their own blogs about Gmail's progress, etc.

On the individual side ... 

If Wendy Piersall or Darren Rowse had lifestreams, they could let us really see how they work so fast and where they move around the Web to build their amazing pro blogs!

If Liz Strauss had a lifestream we'd really be able to figure out how she lives inside our computers!  

I can foresee many business bloggers mastering this concept very soon.  Watch this trend closely - I agree with Steve Rubel that personal feed aggregation publishing - elegantly named lifestreaming - could be one of those "next big things" for companies and professional individuals.

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This is so interesting. I'm going to try it on my Lis Strauss blog. I'll let you know how it works. Thank you for reporting on this. YREA!

This is so interesting. I'm going to try it on my Lis Strauss blog. I'll let you know how it works. Thank you for reporting on this. YEA!

Great post! Thanks for mentioning coComment (www.cocomment.com) Thanks! Kristina

It's an interesting concept! I can't wait to see what it looks like on Liz's blog.

Great post and I'm loving this thread! I personally believe we are heading towards a world of MyStreams where we all aggregate our lives in a single place and publish much of it. MyStreams will then sort the content and create a Google Reader type subscription service where I get all relevant content from your streams in my personal reader. I can then view this content and choose to add it to MyStream, and the beat goes on. It's simple, it's fast, it's communicative, it encourages community participation and brings the next wave of digital social community. Posting about this soon, please feel free to check it out!

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