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The Ice Cream Test of Content Quality

Ice%20Cream.jpgIn my freezer, there are three partially-devoured containers of ice cream: a quart of chocolate chip cookie dough, a quart of mint chocolate chip and a pint of praline pecan.  They came from the Cozy Cow Dairy nearby.

I heard about it from an excited neighbor.  He said I had to try it.  I obeyed.  And now I'm hooked.

The stuff is wicked.  You'll eat a whole bowl of run-of-the-mill ice cream and wish you had one spoonful of Cozy Cow instead.  (Well, maybe two.)  Sure, it's expensive.  But it's sooo good.

Top results come not from consistently meeting minimum quality standards, but rather from continually churning out maximum quality content that exceeds expectations and precipitates permanent participant palate palpitation.

In other words, be a Cozy Cow content maker.  Make only the best, richest, creamiest, highest-quality content possible.  Let its consumer revel in satisfaction and return, friends in tow, starving for more.

Think for a moment about the content you publish - a blog, an e-book, a newsletter, etc.

If your content were ice cream, what would it taste like?

Pass the Cozy Cow, please.  No need to lick the spoon. 


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I've never heard of Cozy Cow! I'll have to give it a shot! Sounds delicious!


Thanks for the reminder about the power of story to make a point. How about blogging plus icecream.... a winning combination! I'm intrigued by your URL for this post, though. ;)

You're making me hungry for ice cream. I've never had Cozy Cow, but it sounds wonderful! This post is certainly up to that quality level - what a great story.

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