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Bet you've never seen that in a post title before.  No, I didn't do it just so I could be #1 in Google for that word.

I have something for you to do. 

I want you to pick an opportune moment in the next 30 seconds - swallow your bite, finish your chuckle - and just bellow that out.

Do it!


That's the sound of you doing something new.  (Hopefully.)

Do it again if you like.  Nice and loud.  Savor it. 

Refreshing, isn't it?  Great job!  You can sit down now.

Congratulations.  You're now a better professional.

Pass it on.

Oh, and if you ever begin to feel crusty again, you know what to do.

So tell me ... how did it feel?

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How do you pronounce that?


Actually screaming, yelling, guuurrrriinnngg and even laughing out loud are all great forms of release.

By releasing we let go of stress, anger, frustration. Also releasing helps open up the ability to give better advice, prevent us from passing judgment or open our creative abilities.

I recently advised someone that when they grunt/ moan while sitting and standing (you know those noises we make we get older) to try doing a loud yaaahhhh bbbaabyyyy grunt, by doing this you add laughter, release tension and take the focus away from any lingering pain.

So good for you for blogging about this therapy!

Best Regards,

I have to admit, I'm not a yyyeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhrrrggh virgin :)

That makes me smile just saying the word! I just found out about blogtipping, and I love it! I know this is big in the business world, but I have not seen this on any edublogs.(My primary audience is educators.) I am proud to start the trend. What a fantastic way to connect, to listen, and to ignite conversation! I am a new blogger and everything is exciting to me, but this is GREAAAAT!!! Thanks for the "tip".

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