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AIM Business Capital Factoring Company Could Use A Blog

Sponsored Review 

AIM%20Business%20Capital%20Logo.jpgSometimes I like to go out and pick on companies without blogs.  Sometimes Know More Media is asked to do sponsored reviews on our network.  As it happens, today both things are happening. :)

Today's victim - and beneficiary - of the business blogging spotlight is AIM Business Capital, a factoring company based in Lafayette, LA.

I have two business blogging angles to look at here. 

AIM Business Capital Could Benefit By Having A Business Blog 

First, AIM doesn't have a blog, but it could certainly benefit from one.  I did a quick search for invoice factoring blogs and found several good examples of professional blogs or corporate blogs that deal with the topic, such as CapitalPlus (whose entire corporate site appears be built on WordPress - nice!), Creative Capital Associates, Structured Settlements 4Real and Factoring Fred.  Okay, not Factoring Fred.

But let's also take a look at another search - a Google search for invoice factoring help.  That's just a quick example and maybe not the best one, but I am confident AIM could crack page one of quite a few similar results pages with just a little work and a well-organized corporate blog.

With a company blog, AIM Business Cap could regularly discuss topics that prospective factoring clients regularly search for in Google and other search engines.  It could present a more human face to what is likely a vibrant company.  And it could enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) power of its clean, professionally-designed website. 

AIM Business Cap has a simple corporate news page, but there's no RSS feed in sight and obviously no blog.  I think they could benefit from both - in terms of authenticity as well as in terms of generating great client leads.

What?  Ah yes, the other angle.

AIM Business Capital Could Help YOUR Business Start A Blog, In A Way 

Factoring companies can help businesses expand and meet their payroll obligations. A factoring service can also function as an outsourced accounts receivable department.

So what?  Well, by using an outsourcing company like AIM Business Capital to outsource your business's payroll and/or accounts receivable, you can actually free yourself up to spend more time doing things like ... exactly!  Blogging for your business.  And blogging for your business can be an excellent way to expand and grow your business - the most visible and direct manifestation of which is an increased online presence.

So those are my two points.  I truly wish AIM Business Capital the best.  If your company needs factoring services, check 'em out.  Hopefully down the road they'll get a corporate blog going and I can take a friendly stab at it. :)

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