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Dec 3
Blogtipping December 2007: 10 Worthy Blogs About Blogging

No%20Cow%20Tipping.jpgHappy Blogtipping Day and happy December!

My 10 (yes, 10) blogtipping victims this month have something in common. They've each asked for and received 5 free blogging tips from me (if you want some, just ask).

Oh, and they all discuss professional blogging tips. 

I think you'd like them.

1. Blogging Mix by Rocky John Tayaban.

2. Blog About Your Blog by Matthew Henrickson. 

3. Zo'C by Guilherme Zühlke O’Connor. 

4. Pro Blog Design by Michael Martin.

5. DazzlinDonna by Donna Fontenot.

6. Build A Blog by Mandy Jones.

7. MeAndMyDrum by Mark.

8. Make Money Online by David Elefant.

9. Blogging Bits by Mohsin.

10. Digital Phocus by Brendan Monaghan.

Have at 'em. 

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blog about your blog is mine, matt does a weekly post for us :)

thanks for the mention

Thanks for the link Easton (And thanks again for the tips! :D )

Thanks guys! Matthew, sorry about that - I fixed the post.

Thanks for the link and also thanks for the tips!

Great blog with some really fantastic info, loved the post on Stumble Upon.

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