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What Would You Say in Your Final Blog Post?

If you could plan your final blog post ... your last one ever ...

What would you say in it?

What photos or videos would you include?

What would the post be about?

Who would you write it to?

Would it be serious or funny?

What would make the perfect "parting post?"

And no, this ain't mine. :)

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Hi Easton!

While it seems like a really good question (and it is), the truth is often less dramatic than one might imagine. In fact, many blogs fade out of existence without there even being a closing post. The blogger simply stops posting.

That being said, I think my final post would depend a lot on why this was going to be my final post.

Am I sick or dying? If that were the case, then I think that I would want to let my readers know that I am at peace.

Am I moving on to a better opportunity? I may, or may not, want to share that new opportunity with the readers.

Have I sold the blog? I would definitely want the readers to welcome the new ownership while trying to disassociate myself from the blog.

Have I just become too busy? Well, if that were the case, I might not even manage to post a final time.

Great points, Laura. I'm especially glad you mentioned that many blogs just fade slowly away - there's no closing exclamation point. I think sometimes that's fine - but sometimes there's a huge opportunity missed by the blogger.

I guess being honest is really key here. I know I'd want the same from my favorite blog authors. *=) I'd post photos of myself closing my laptop... how profound,eh? haha

Terra, thanks so much for visiting! Yeah, a time-lapse vid or photos like that would be awesome. :)

I would probably share what I learned from my whole experience. The comments that really inspired me or those that were complete turn offs. I'm not sure it will be good to ramble on and on about the blog's history or about the blogger himself or herself on the last post. Perhaps my most memorable experiences as a blogger or share a post which gathered the most comments or clicks.

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