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Apr 5
Business Blog Wire Welcomes 100,000th Unique Visitor
Some pictures speak 100,000 words. Thank you for visiting Business Blog Wire.  Your support keeps this blog alive and infuses new life into it every day.  From the first visit back in October 2005 to the 100,000th unique visit last...
Apr 3
Business Blog Help: Set High Blog Goals
As mentioned yesterday, Business Blog Wire is going to be a HOT blog this month - HOT business blogging tips, HOT guest blog posts, HOT blogging news, HOT blog reviews - you name it, it's gonna be burnin' hot!Plus I... Continue Reading
Apr 2
10 Reasons Business Blog Wire Will Be HOT in April 2007
Look out. Thanks to Tan Kian Ann's blogtipping, I've decided to make Business Blog Wire HOT this month - Herculean, Outgoing, Tipsy. Herculean = More posts, more muscle.Outgoing = Man behind the curtain takes away the curtain.Tipsy = Blogging tip... Continue Reading
My Disclosure Policy
I created a disclosure policy at DisclosurePolicy.org.  After whittling it down a bit, I came up with the following disclosure policy for Business Blog Wire:I will be honest with you.... Continue Reading
How Far In Advance Are Your Posts Prescheduled?
If you were suddenly unable to create new posts for your blog, how long would your blog survive?1 day?  7 days?  A month? Anyone got blog posts pre-scheduled more than a month in advance?I'm just curious to find out who's... Continue Reading
Nov 2
A Busy Business Blogger is a Happy Business Blogger
Busy busy busy ...Answering emails. Reading feeds.Researching corporate blogs for the Fortune 500 Blog Project.Promoting my fellow Know More Media bloggers.Looking for new Know More Media authors (tell 'em I sent you).Looking for new Know More Media advertisers (tell 'em... Continue Reading

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