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Google Finance Serves Up Blog Posts - But Where's The Official Blog?
The Bloggers Blog (one of my favorite resources for business blogging news) reports that Google Finance includes blog posts in its search results.  As always, Bloggers Blog links to several interesting conversations about the new Google Finance site.

What, no official Google Finance blog?  I'm waiting for it to show up.  Let me know if you spot it.  I've seen many other official Google corporate blogs crop up before.

Another thought: I don't object to Google separating the blog posts from the "news" articles (guess which category appears above the fold), but I wonder if the day isn't soon coming that we'll see the two categories merged into one by default, with perhaps the option to spearate them.  After all, as USA Today points out, news scoops are increasingly coming from blogs and other online sources anyway!

Mar 9
How Will Google Acquisition Of Writely Affect The Web?
If you look at right now, you'll see one of the largest threads in a while - it seems like everybody's talking about today's announcement that Writely, the popular "upstart" online word processor, has been acquired by Google.

Well, I've sung Writely's praises before, and I can say that it is a fine (and FREE) Web word editor.  You can create, edit and publish Web pages and text documents easily with Writely.  Best of all, you can collaborate with other people whenever you want to form documents together.

My two cents: I think Google will offer Writely in a free, ad-supported version and a paid, ad-free version, and take quite a bit of market share from Microsoft's ever-popular Office products.  It might even merge Writely and Blogger together to empower Web publishing for the masses even more.

To be honest, I rarely use Microsoft Word anymore.  Rarely use it anymore.  Thanks to tools like Writely, many Web users will begin to balk at Office's high price tag and go "free" instead.

Your thoughts?  What's Google's plan for Writely?  How will Writely's acquisition affect the Web as a whole ... and business blogging in particular?

I fixed a minor misspelling in the title of this post.
A Whole Bunch Of Links To Articles About Business Blogging
I went news-crazy, I guess.  Happens to the best of us, right?  Here are a bunch of links to articles I've just digested.  Hope you find them useful!

The Economist - The Blog in the Corporate Machine - My favorite part: Steve Rubel on lockbox blogging.

The Guardian on Technorati's dominance in the blogosphere.  I like the background info on Dave Sifry.

Darren Rowse has some "blogging for beginners" tips that I think we all could brush up on.

A blogging service for beauty, fashion and health?  Here it is.

... And an online gardening community.
Check out this article about the new Qiangguo Blog.

Forbes on protecting workers against bloggers.

Kowabunga!  A new blog service!

Pinstripes invading the blogosphere?  Oh my!  (Please, no flogs.)  (A take on the subject here.)

Google now has a new corporate blog for itself -- in Chinese.
Nov 4
New Official Google Blogs
Business bloggers should closely watch Google's official blogs. No company captures public attention for Web innovation like Google. While Google's blogs probably won't win any awards for visual appeal or quantity of content anytime soon, they at least provide a fascinating window not only on Google's progress, but also on the evolution of corporate blogging itself.

Here's an annotated list of Google's nine (thus far) official blogs, from youngest to oldest:

Inside Google Desktop (started Nov. 1, 2005) - Launching along with the no-longer-a-beta version of Google Desktop, this blog claims to be "an easy way to make announcements and share ... developer tips, in-depth feature descriptions, user feedback, and ideas on how to get more out of Google Desktop."

Google Video Blog (started Oct. 31, 2005) - This new blog highlights remarkable videos uploaded to Google Video.

Inside AdSense (started Aug. 15, 2005) - All about AdSense happenings.

Inside Google Sitemaps (started Aug. 8, 2005) - News updates on Google Sitemaps.

Inside AdSense (started May 16, 2005) - All about AdWords (AdSense's opposite).

Blogger Buzz (started Mar. 9, 2005) - What's happening with Blogger, the huge Google-owned blogging service.

AdWords API Blog (Jan. 27, 2005) - News about the The AdWords API program.

Official Google Blog (started Apr. 19, 2004) - The granddaddy Google Blog.

Google Korea Blog (started when?) - I don't know Korean, but I assume this blog discusses recent Google happenings in Korea or for Korean speakers.

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