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Web Metrics Guru Will Cover SES 2006 For Know More Media
Know More Media's Marshall Sponder (the Web Metrics Guru) plans to do some conference blogging at the SES Conference & Expo 2006 this week in New York.

It will be interesting to see how Marshall's experience compares to my first liveblogging experience last month at the University Private Equity Summit in Salt Lake City.

Marshall's a great guy and a great blogger and I look forward to reading his SES conference blog posts.

Oct. 5-9: Blogonomics Blog Cruise Conference
Jim Turner told me the other day about a floating blog conference he and some others are putting together this October.  Here are the details:

Beach.jpgWhat: Blogonomics Blog Cruise 2006
Why: "Presentations on blog strategy, ... practical tips and tactics, [answers to] the tough questions, and ... business blog success stories. There will be numerous networking opportunities and a number of workshops for learning the practical uses of blogs as tools for business." (source)
Who: B.L. Ochman of What’s Next Online, Jeremy Wright of b5media, Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing, Tris Hussey of Qumana Software and One By One Media, Jim Turner of One By One Media, and more
When: October 5-9, 2006
Where: Between Fort Lauderdale and Key West, FL and Cozumel, Mexico (and back), on the Royal Caribbean "Enchantment of the Seas" cruise ship
How Much: about $1,200 per person (see registration information)
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Thoughts On Conference Blogging
I enjoyed blogging at the University Private Equity Summit yesterday with Tim Stay.  I had a few thoughts on conference blogging as I sat there and typed like mad, occasionally getting up to shoot photos.

1. It helps to have at least two people to cover things with text, audio, and video.  The more, the merrier.  Liveblogging is difficult unless you're a world-class typist.  One person can type the main points of the proceedings, another can take photos and insert them into the posts, and another can take audio.  (And another can do live interviews, etc.)  At any rate, it's good to divide up the responsibilities.  Tim created many of the entries and entered some basic information that I was able to then build upon as I typed up notes according to what was said.

2. Wouldn't it be nice to make a conference wiki and enlist the help of conference attendees in preserving an excellent record of the event?  If you have any experience doing that, let me know.

3. I think we'll start seeing more and more conferences - no matter what they are about - done completely (or at least in large measure) online.  Why force everyone to leg it all the way to a unified physical location if the costs of travel could be applied to publicizing, executing and reviewing the conference itself instead?

I think that instant publishing of a conference in an inexpensive, easily searchable and even editable manner is a fascinating thing.  Let me know what thoughts or tips you have on how to cover a conference using blogging and other quick publishing methods.
Blogging The University Private Equity Summit 2006
Good morning!  Today I will be liveblogging the University Private Equity Summit 2006 alongside Tim Stay (co-founder of Know More Media).  It's going to be fun, and I'll share my experiences here later.  Hop on over to VCSmart (VC = Venture Capital) to read all about the proceedings.  Now I need to go get dressed ...
Jan 7
Are You Ready For Blogging Conferences In 2006?
My last business blogging post about this month's World Economic Forum conference leads quite nicely into this post.  No matter where you live, there's likely to be a blogging conference near you (or maybe a cheap plane flight away) in 2006.  The New PR Wiki offers a regularly updated list of blog conferences coming up, including:

Februrary 7, 2006 - Blogging4Business - London, UK - "How Blogs Can Help And Hurt Your Business"

February 27 - March 1 - RSS Summit - Cambridge, MA
International Association of Online Communicators
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