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Apr 3
How To Evaluate A Blog Network
Jeremy Wright, president and co-founder of the excellent b5media blog network, has several great ideas on how to evaluate a blog network.  (To fully understand his questions and answers, you should read Jeremy's KMM guest post, "The Truth About Blog Networks.")

If you are interested in joining or starting a blog network, read Jeremy's thoughts first.

For me, the most important question to ask about a blog network is this: How indispensable is its content? In other words, if that blog network disappeared suddenly, how distressed would you be?

The second most important question in my mind for evaluating a blog network is this two-part question: Where is it going, and how fast? Are the blogs improving in terms of their design, posting frequency, and content originality?  Is it getting more and more enjoyable for you to visit the network?  Is the traffic improving regularly?

The third question I would ask if I wanted to "grade" a blog network would be another two-parter: Who's in charge, and how do they run it? If you're looking for a blog network to work for, this question is super important.

The Truth of Blog Networks: Response To Jeremy Wright
As many of you know, it's Know More Media guest blogger week this week.  Today, Jeremy Wright, president of the b5media blog network and author of Blog Marketing, posted ten questions for blog networks to, our network portal.

I completely disagree with Jeremy.  Kidding, kidding!  Actually, I think he hits the nail right on the head with his questions.  Every blog network - and, to an extent, every corporate blog - ought to ask itself his questions.  The crux of his argument, as I understand it, is that a money-making blog is essentially valueless if it fails to encourage a sense of community.

As Jeremy says, "Anyone can slap up a blog and slop some content on it. But it takes time, energy and passion to create community."  Make sure your corporate blog is no slap-n-slop job!  Try to make the customer feel not only welcome, but valued as a contributor to your community.
Darren Rowse, Jeremy Wright On Six Months Of b5media
b5media, one of the finest blog networks, has turned six months old.  Jeremy Wright and Darren Rowse, two of b5media's leaders, have turned in their thoughts on the network's half-birthday.  Here is my favorite quote from each.

Darren Rowse: "It gives me a great deal of joy to see 100 small (but growing) campfires glowing in the b5 landscape and to witness the growing numbers of people gathering around them to learn, build community and converse."

Jeremy Wright: "What matters to us is individual bloggers having a blast writing about their passion, creating a community around their blog and making decent money doing it."

Congratulations on your success, gentlemen!
So I've Read All Those 194-Plus Posts ...
...and I've learned two things:

1) Our Know More Media authors are not only prolific, but also top-notch;
2) It's hard to miss a day when your job involves blogging.
More On Blogmedia's Purchase Of The Blog Herald
Matt from BlogMedia answered two of my questions about BlogMedia's acquisition of The Blog Herald (read about the announcement):

Easton: Why did BlogMedia decide to purchase The Blog Herald?

Matt: The Blog Herald is a well-established blog with a large following and a sterling reputation. When I got into the blog business and started reading blogs in this genre, this was one of the first blogs that I was reading regularly. I never thought that something like this would become available. We were quite excited when it did.

Acquiring The Blog Herald only makes sense to us. We already own and operate a site for bloggers to find jobs (BloggerJobs), a site that ranks and measures blog networks (Blog Network List), a snarky opinion site about blogs (Jack of All Blogs), another blog about blogging (Blogger Idol), as well as Blog Network Watch. Not to mention that we've quietly launched Problogging.
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