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Business Blog Weekend Tidbits
Debbie Weil points to a PQ Media report on Web advertising forecasting amazing growth in the amount spent on blog, podcast and RSS ads.  We're talking about going from about $20 million in 2005 to about $50 million in 2006.  Ride the wave.

Dave Taylor talks about the current Bausch & Lomb contact lens crisis - wouldn't it be nice if B&L had an established corporate blog already?

The BBC reports on how many businesses are using blogs to improve their customer service and nip potential crises in the bud.

What goals do you have for your business blog?  Patrick Dodd has some excellent blogging strategy ideas.

New Corporate Blogging Survey By Russell Research
Just took this corporate blogging survey from Russell Research.  Thought you might want to take it too.  Took about 5 minutes.  They say they'll email you the results when they're done.
Hey Corporate Bloggers: Wanna Take A Survey?
No, I'm not conducting it.  Read more about the latest corporate blogger survey at the Advanced Organizational Communication blog.  If you blog for a company, this survey needs your input on such topics as how to create a successful corporate blog and how to decide on blogging rules.

The contact, if you're interested, is John Cass at Backbone Media (email = john AT backbonemedia DOT com).  Or contact Dr. Walter Carl (email = w.carl AT neu DOT edu).

Blogging Studies Archives



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