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New Corporate Blogging Survey By Russell Research
Just took this corporate blogging survey from Russell Research.  Thought you might want to take it too.  Took about 5 minutes.  They say they'll email you the results when they're done.

Some Like It Partial: The Full Vs. Partial RSS Debate Continues
Read Robert Scoble's thoughtful explanation of his disdain for partial RSS feeds.  Scoble says he won't Partially Full Water Glass.jpgsubscribe to a partial RSS feed - one that displays only the first part of each post ("except for my brother's blog," he admits).  Scoble is correct in saying that partial feeds tend to deter some RSS users who find it annoying to have to actually visit the content owner's website to read the rest of a long post.  Kent Newsome sides with Scoble.  (In the other corner we have The Blog Herald.)

My own feed is partial.  Whenever I think of switching to a full feed (and I admit that I have often been tempted to do so), I remember Darren Rowse's main reason for using partial feeds: to keep people from stealing his content.  Others use partial feeds because they find that it drives more traffic to their site.  For them, RSS advertising - actually sticking ads within posts in RSS feeds - might not be as profitable as advertising on their own website.

So I'm torn, and have been for months, over whether to offer full or partial feeds.  I can see the benefits and drawbacks of both options.  Of course, there's also the possibility of offering both and letting my readers decide.  (Believe it or not, some like it partial!)

Overflowing Water Glass.jpgPoll time. Should I offer full feeds only, partial feeds only, or both?

Bonus question: How should I implement your solution?
Hey Corporate Bloggers: Wanna Take A Survey?
No, I'm not conducting it.  Read more about the latest corporate blogger survey at the Advanced Organizational Communication blog.  If you blog for a company, this survey needs your input on such topics as how to create a successful corporate blog and how to decide on blogging rules.

The contact, if you're interested, is John Cass at Backbone Media (email = john AT backbonemedia DOT com).  Or contact Dr. Walter Carl (email = w.carl AT neu DOT edu).

Blogging Surveys Archives



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