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ReferNow Survey On Referral Marketing; Tasty Blogging Meme In My Oven
Please fill out this quick survey to help ReferNow learn more about how businesses use referrals in their marketing and sales efforts.  ReferNow is a Know More Media client, and I like their business model.  We've done some paid posts...
New Edelman Report Discusses Global Influence of Blogging
Found this excellent report by Edelman via Steve Rubel.  The report offers free information that can help companies understand what blogs can do for (or against) them in different countries. ... Continue Reading
Liz Strauss Offers 31 Excellent Post Ideas for January 2007
Having a hard time deciding what to write on your blog next year?  Liz Strauss offers 31 post ideas for January 2007.  She even places them in a schedule format so you don't have to think about when to publish. ... Continue Reading
Dec 6
Free Photos For Your Blog: 10 Free Photo Sharing Websites
What are the best websites that offer free stock images?  I want to suggest 10 good resources for you.  Stick free images in your blog posts to spice 'em up.1. Stock.xchng - Tons of copyright-free images.2. Flickr - Probably the... Continue Reading
More F500BP Corporate Blog Reviews and Findings
Fresh reviews by Fortune 500 Blog Project participants:#109 McDonald’s by Meikah - one blog#120 Coca-Cola by Li Evans - no official corporate blogs, some marketing blogs#129 Rite Aid by Li Evans - no blogs#159 Apple by Drew McLellan - no... Continue Reading
Stomp On Over to the b5media Business Channel
The team at b5media knows their blogging stuff.  They're a big blog network - a few times bigger than Know More Media (where this blog resides) - and they've just officially launched a business channel (like a mini-network) consisting at... Continue Reading

Warning to ReviewMe: Make Advertisers Accountable for Disclosure, Too
Fortune 500 Blog Project Update: 4 More Reviews
New Incredible Hall of Acclaim For Top Business Bloggers
November 2006 Blogtipping Cuisine: Served Fresh and Hot
Blogtipping November 2006: Have You Met These 3 Bloggers?
Business Blogging Book Reviews Coming Soon
October 2006 Blogtipping Roundup: Honor Roll and Discoveries
Fortune 500 Corporate Blogging Links for Future Reference
Blogtipping October 2006: 3 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging
Business Blogging Link Cuisine: What's Cookin' Right Now
Speedlinking: 5 Business Blogging Must-Read Posts
Have You Visited These 5 Blogs About Business Blogging?
Blogtipping Day September 2006: Blogtipper Honor Roll
19 Business Blogs I've Just Discovered Thanks to Blogtipping
Blogtipping Day September 2006: 100 Words, 3 Blogtippees
Why Am I Telling You About These Five Links?
Business Blog Wire Speedlinking for August 8, 2006
Speedlinking Friday: Business Blogging Tips Out the Wazoo
Business Blog Hive Starts Buzzing About Biz Blogs
Are The Most Popular CEO and Corporate Blogs Really Any Good?
Where to Find the Best Business Blogging Wikis
Jobs for Bloggers Around the World
Technorati Blog Search Engine Update Coming Soon
Mark White Looking for UK Business Blog Information
How Fast Is Corporate Blogging Really Growing?
The 23 Most Critical URLs Where You Should Submit Your Blog or Feed
Richard MacManus Is Seeking Business Bloggers
My Five Favorites From Darren Rowse's Pro Blogging Tool List
Two Reading Resources To Boost Your Business Blogging Know-How
Is coComment About to Launch A Comment Tracking Engine?
A New Blog About Blogging To Keep Your Blogging Eye On
Six Sources of Information About Specific Corporate Blogs
Let Liz Strauss Teach You How To Be An Expert
Darren McLaughlin at The Blog Republic Looking for Bloggers
Corporate Blog Review: The Southwest Airlines Blog
Want to Contribute to a Wiki on Business Blogging?
Looking for Surefire Ways to Ruin Your Business Blog?
Speedlinking Day Part Three: The Link Saga Ends
Speedlinking Day Part Deux: Moving Day Continues
Moving Day Is Speedlinking Day At BusinessBlogWire

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