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When Is Blogging A Waste Of Time? 10 Nasty Examples
When is blogging a waste of time?  Let's count the ways.  Here are 10 particularly nasty examples of blogging time wasters.Blogging is a waste of time: 1. When you publish a blog post that provides little or no value to your...
How Far In Advance Are Your Posts Prescheduled?
If you were suddenly unable to create new posts for your blog, how long would your blog survive?1 day?  7 days?  A month? Anyone got blog posts pre-scheduled more than a month in advance?I'm just curious to find out who's... Continue Reading
Warning to ReviewMe: Make Advertisers Accountable for Disclosure, Too
ReviewMe launched a few days ago.  It's another service where advertisers can pay bloggers to write about a given product or topic.  The folks at ReviewMe say that unlike with PayPerPost (which launched a few weeks ago), bloggers paid through... Continue Reading
Nov 2
A Busy Business Blogger is a Happy Business Blogger
Busy busy busy ...Answering emails. Reading feeds.Researching corporate blogs for the Fortune 500 Blog Project.Promoting my fellow Know More Media bloggers.Looking for new Know More Media authors (tell 'em I sent you).Looking for new Know More Media advertisers (tell 'em... Continue Reading
Business Blog Help: Pro Blogging Test
Leslie Taylor at Fast Company says that your blog can help you launch a career.  Leslie is right - it can.  Blogging offers tremendous potential.  While I agree with Tony Hung at The Blog Herald and Deep Jive Interests that... Continue Reading
Wal-Mart Corporate Blogging Mess: Lessons Learned
I recently reviewed Wal-Mart's corporate blogging efforts and was summarily dismayed by what I found (and didn't find).And now this.Wal-Marting Across America, a corporate blog that PR firm Edelman managed for Wal-Mart, failed to clarify that its bloggers were being... Continue Reading

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Why Feedreading Less May Be Good For Your Blogging Health
Are Team Blogs Or Solo Blogs Better For Businesses?
Sorry, Eric Kintz: Posting Frequency Matters (Especially to Yoda)
The Number One Reason I Sometimes Find It Difficult To Post
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Don't Know What To Say On Your Business Blog?
The BlogBurst Debate: Who Will Benefit?
How Hard Is It To Make Money Blogging?
How To Respond Well To Online Criticism Of Your Business
Make Your Business Blog Posts Easy To Read
How To Preach The Gospel Of Business Blogging
How Much Freedom Should Corporate Bloggers Have?
How NOT To Make Your Corporate Blog A Legal Liability
Response To Nicholas Carr On Seven Rules For Corporate Blogging
Should We Lament The Decline Of Newspaper Circulation?
How Much Should A Newspaper Pay Its Bloggers?
How Corrupt Is Business Blogging?
Some Like It Partial: The Full Vs. Partial RSS Debate Continues
Blogging: Young and Strong or Old and Almost Gone?
Where's the REAL Olympic Blog?
What's It Like to Be a Full-time Blogger?
Microsoft Changes Its Blog Policy

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