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Stay tuned for a post later this week all about the text that appears on your blog - fonts, sizes, colors, links, readability, etc....
Is Blogging About Blogging Silly?
Some people may think that blogging about blogging is silly.Is thinking about thinking silly?Is talking about talking silly?Of course they can be. But they can also be helpful. If any blog about blogging (like this one) has ever been helpful to... Continue Reading
How to Make A Great "About" Page: My Main Questions
I'm doing research on how to make "about the blogger" and "about this blog" pages on business blogs.My main questions:1. How important is it to have an "about this blog" and/or an "about the blogger" page?2. If you have a... Continue Reading
How Do You Build Trust With Business Bloggers?
Just got back from the ineffable SOBCon blogging conference in Chicago and this is a hot topic weighing on my mind:How do you build trust with business bloggers?A few thoughts and then I urge you to add yours.1. Be honest. ... Continue Reading
May 4
Business Blog Question: What's Your Business Blogging Computer?
My Dell Dimension 2400 PC is getting clunky.  After about three years of constant use and mucho mucho blogging, it's whispering to me that soon might be a good time to get a new computer.  (Plus our toddler knows how... Continue Reading
Can You Describe Your Blog In 4 Words?
Thursdays are Blogger Challenge days here as I make April 2007 a HOT blogging month.  My weekly Blogger Challenge consists of one question about blogging.Please leave your answer below.  Deadline is midnight this Sunday, April 22, at midnight Pacific time. ... Continue Reading

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So You've Got A Corporate Blog - So What?
My Biggest Question After Meeting Chartreuse
How Frequently Should You Post to Your Corporate Blog?
Dell Corporate Blog Reboots: Credibility Lost?
Who Are You - Who, Who? I Really Wanna Know
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Why Feedreading Less May Be Good For Your Blogging Health
Why A Business Blogger's Inbox Is Almost Never Empty
Should You Blog Solo, For One Or More Networks, Or Do Both?
Do You Prefer to Preschedule Your Posts?
Sorry, Eric Kintz: Posting Frequency Matters (Especially to Yoda)
The Number One Reason I Sometimes Find It Difficult To Post
Anil Dash on Recovering from Blogging Mistakes
Pete Abilla's Response: The Impact of Blogging on Business
So You've Gotten Your Blogging Feet Wet: What's Next?
Patrick Dodd on Calling Your Business Blog Visitors to Action
Help! NewsGator Won't Let Me Share My OPML
What Can Bookmarklets Do For Business Bloggers?
Does Your Blog/Company/Idea Deserve A Wikipedia Entry?
The BlogBurst Debate: Who Will Benefit?
Update: First Blogtipping Day A Fun, Tip-Filled Success

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