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Dec 6
Free Photos For Your Blog: 10 Free Photo Sharing Websites
What are the best websites that offer free stock images?  I want to suggest 10 good resources for you.  Stick free images in your blog posts to spice 'em up.1. Stock.xchng - Tons of copyright-free images.2. Flickr - Probably the...
Jul 6
The 23 Most Critical URLs Where You Should Submit Your Blog or Feed
Update:Jeremy at Jesus Encounter let me know that Findory is dead. I've removed it from the list below. As a blog network editor, I submit each new Know More Media blog to as many of the top blog and feed... Continue Reading
Prolific coCommenter Jack Yan On Blog Commenting
Yesterday I asked Jack Yan, a highly prolific coComment user, a few questions about blog commenting.  Here's what he had to say (my questions are in italics):Why do you make so many comments at other blogs? How has that benefited... Continue Reading
Another Reason To Love coComment
Hey - coComment has an official corporate blog that invites guest bloggers!  Most excellent!And their first guest blogger was some kid from Know More Media!  Awesome!Thanks, coCo-nuts! :)(Note: This has got to be my first-ever post composed entirely of sentences... Continue Reading
Am I Addicted to Commenting or to Comment Tracking?
Am I addicted to commenting, or simply to comment tracking?  I think it's both, and I think each addiction feeds the other.Commenting well - really adding a sincere thought to each conversation you join around the Web - is an... Continue Reading
Follow Your Conversations With coComment, Co.mments and
I wrote a post at Performancing today about three tools I use to track my conversations online: co.mments, coComment and  I recommend each of these three tools to you and promise that using them well will improve your blogging.... Continue Reading

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