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More On Blogmedia's Purchase Of The Blog Herald
Matt from BlogMedia answered two of my questions about BlogMedia's acquisition of The Blog Herald (read about the announcement):

Easton: Why did BlogMedia decide to purchase The Blog Herald?

Matt: The Blog Herald is a well-established blog with a large following and a sterling reputation. When I got into the blog business and started reading blogs in this genre, this was one of the first blogs that I was reading regularly. I never thought that something like this would become available. We were quite excited when it did.

Acquiring The Blog Herald only makes sense to us. We already own and operate a site for bloggers to find jobs (BloggerJobs), a site that ranks and measures blog networks (Blog Network List), a snarky opinion site about blogs (Jack of All Blogs), another blog about blogging (Blogger Idol), as well as Blog Network Watch. Not to mention that we've quietly launched Problogging.
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Interview: Dave Coustan, Earthlink Corporate Blogger
I recently asked Dave Coustan, resident Earthlink corporate blog author, a few questions about his job. The conversation began as a seed when I recently posted about the new Earthlink blog, smartly titled "Earthling."  Jerry Grasso, the Earthlink director of corporate communications, quickly commented at that post and set up a question-and-answer exchange between me and Dave. (There's a lesson in there about the power of blogging.) Here's what Dave had to say:

Easton: How did you get your job as an Earthlink blogger?

Dave: I found the job posting on HotJobs. I was working as a writer/producer at at the time. I was looking for a new challenge as HowStuffWorks was starting to change directions. As I wrote in my initial Earthling blog entries, the EarthLink Blog Master job was eerily close to just what I was looking for, and in the city I already lived in. After some grueling interviews, I was selected and took the job.
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Nov 3
Corporate Blogging Profile: Stone Creek Coffee

The other day I reviewed the fine Stone Creek Coffee corporate blog.  Tom Pionek, Stone Creek's technology and marketing director, emailed me some information that should be useful to anyone who wants to know more about corporate blogging.  I asked Tom several questions about his company's blog.  Here are my questions and his answers:

Easton: What prompted you to start a corporate blog?
Tom: We knew we were going to update our web site at some point and kept a wishlist of features that we wanted to include when we were ready. One of the key features was a corporate blog, which we thought would be a great tool because it would allow us to update our site regularly through a collaborative process rather than through a process that funnels all updates through the marketing department. By making the process more collaborative, we are able to 1) update the site more frequently, 2) make the content more timely, 3) reflect the "grassroots" nature of the company, meaning that we do not have a lot of management layers and we function more like a group of people working toward a common cause than a corporate coffee company.

Easton: How did you decide who would blog for Stone Creek Coffee?
Tom: Because we wanted the process to be collaborative, we knew we needed as many voices as possible contributing to the discussion. As with any retailer, we have a decent amount of turnover among our retail staff, so in the interest of offering some consistency we decided that those who would be trained to blog would be as many full time staff as possible.

Easton: How has having a company blog helped your business?
Tom: The exposure among bloggers has brought some new traffic to our site, and the continual updates seemed to have improved our standing in Google search results.

Easton: What has been the most difficult aspect of maintaining the blog?
Tom: Even though we have a number of people trained to blog, sometimes it's hard just finding the time to post an entry. As you have discussed, we need to post a bit more ofen.

Easton: And the most rewarding part?
Tom: The most rewarding part has been to have a vehicle that allows us to share some of the things that we are doing in a timely manner. When the information is timely, it is much more interesting to read.

Easton: Why should people visit your blog?
Tom: We consider it our primary tool for communicating to our customers. We are posting everything we can on the blog first, then using it in other media such as our email newsletter, internal newsletters, collateral materials, etc. In fact, we are currently working on a vehicle that would be a print version of our blog, which would be distributed in stores. So, the blog is the place to go to find out what we are working on and what we are all about.

Easton: Any advice for small business owners who want to make a successful blog?
Tom: I think the most important thing to consider is to know what what you expect to get from the blog. Also, it's important to set some goals for content production, such as 2-3 posts per week by whomever is responsible for production.

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