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May 6
Tracking A Healthy Epidemic: The Link Leak Virus Explained
Domino Effect.jpgHere is some top-secret information I've uncovered regarding the Link Leak Virus.

Name: Virusicus Linkilikus, AKA "The Link Leak Virus" (or LLV for the acronym-obsessed).

History: See Martin Neumann's excellent summary.

Symptoms: Healthy pleasure in linking to high-quality resources on a regular basis; lack of selfishness and highmindedness; confidence that blog readers will return if fed good links regularly.

Treatment: There is no reliable way to treat this highly contagious virus.  Some have hypothesized that the only way to eradicate the Link Leak Virus is to re-emphasize to bloggers that a blogger's blog is her castle, and that therefore all who enter must be subject to her words and her words only, without any outlinking of any kind.

Disclaimer: The information above is meant with a dash of humor and not to be taken seriously as a notice of any physically harmful virus :).  Also, the more a person succumbs to this powerful virus, the more he envisions the Web as a tool to connect  people, rather than to disconnect them.  Truth be told, I wish all people were infected with LLV.  Especially corporate bloggers who think their business blog is the only resource worth linking to.

Now go spread a little link leakin' love while you gear up for Blogtipping Day on June 1st, 2006!

May 5
What Can Bookmarklets Do For Business Bloggers?
Arrgh ... Have you ever crafted a post that really mattered to you, and then somehow lost it all before you could hit Publish?  I totally goofed up and lost what I had written about bookmarklets.  I'm too frustrated right now to rewrite it all.  So here's the short and sweet version:

1.  Every business blogger should learn what bookmarklets are and how to use them.  Basically, they are quick-fix magical tools you can add to your browser as bookmarks.  They can help you work faster and smarter!

2.  Check out Lorelle VanFossen's post about bookmarklets and Steve Rubel's classic top bookmarklets list.  I plan to do some more digging through Lorelle's bookmarklet gold mine; I've already scavenged Steve's list and found it very tasty.

3.  My favorite bookmarklets are "Alexa This" and "Technorati This" - what are yours?

4.  I'm trying out blummy and I think you should, too.

Let's learn about bookmarklets together, shall we?
May 4
Don't Know What To Say On Your Business Blog?
Three ideas for deciding what to say on your business blog and combating blogstipation:

1. Start talking and when you're done, stop talking.  Evaluate what you've said and see how you could improve it the next time you want to speak.

2. Think of others and try to give them information, news or advice that benefits them.

3. Remove all distractions from your vicinity and focus on something that interests you.  Then relate it to your business.  Blog about that.  I've blogged before, for example, about why corporate blogs should be like Pandora (the incredible online music player, not the girl with the box).

How about you?  What gets you to spill the words onto the page when you feel blogstipated?
May 2
Update: First Blogtipping Day A Fun, Tip-Filled Success
I was amazed at how many of you - and your friends, and even their friends - went blogtipping with me yesterday.  The Technorati "blogtipping" tag, which lay dormant prior to this grand experiment, now boasts links to several excellent, thoughtful, fun blogtipping exploits.  Here's an incomplete list of May 1, 2006 blogtippers and blogtippees.  Thank you for participating!

Blogtipping Honor Roll, May 1, 2006:
Liz Strauss
Liz Thompson
Mike Barlow
Martin Neumann
Mike Sansone
Phil Gerbyshak
Tom Vander Well
Greg Balanko-Dickson
Joseph Thornley
Chris Clarke

Let's make next Blogtipping Day, June 1st (it's the first day of every month), even more special.  Do you think I should offer prizes?  What would you do if you were in my shoes, watching the surprisingly quick viral spread of a decent idea?  How would you capitalize on it in order to benefit the greatest number of people?

Learn more about blogtipping:
May 1, 2006 - the first Blogtipping Day
How to go blogtipping
Technorati index of posts tagged "blogtipping"
May 1
Blogtipping Day: Tip Your Fellow Blogger
It's Blogtipping Day!  The first calendar day of each month will be a special day for sneaking up behind three other bloggers and giving them each three good compliments and a gentle "tip."  If they happen to fall over, that's just part of the fun!  And hopefully a good habit of reaching out to encourage someone else will prevail.

So it's time for me to go blogtipping.  I'll spare my fifty-plus Know More Media colleagues, as they're always hearing my feedback anyway.

Darren Rowse:
1 - Your blog optimization is impeccable, and it shows in your careful site design.
2 - You have a knack for spurring fruitful conversations - few blogs get more comments per post than yours does.
3 - You clearly want to help others prosper at blogging as you have been able to do, and your posts reflect that humble willingness to share your blogging wisdom.
Tip - It's not easy to blogtip a Hall of Fame blogger like you - you do everything so well - but I would simply suggest that you look at possible changes to your layout.  I think it's fine the way it is, but you could always test it for a week with a third column on the right for the b5media blog links, for example, or with a slightly different color/font scheme.  Although I've grown fond of the ProBlogger yellow look ... anyway, you're an inspiration to me and therefore to all the KMM bloggers, Darren.

Paul Chaney:
1 - Like Darren Rowse, you blog with such positive energy and avoid bashing other bloggers.  (That's actually a more common phenomenon than many people might think.)
2 - Your writing style is very enjoyable - I think a lot of people probably don't pick up on your subtle wordplays, puns, and clear analogies as much as I do.  Just wanted you to know I notice!
3 - You pick great topics for your posts - quite often you put a totally new spin on an old subject or ask a question that gets the rest of us thinking in a new way about something.
Tip - Keep doing profiles of small and large business blogs - I miss that ongoing series about 52 weeks / 52 blogs.  Let me know if you're still doing that, I really enjoyed it!  Your experience with blog consulting makes you an expert on what works and what doesn't for professional blogs.

Amy Gahran:
1 - Your sidebar at Contentious is so addicting and downright useful.  So many goodies to choose from!
2 - I love that you openly share your feedreading list with the world.  I've been meaning to do that myself, but I need to make sure I don't mix business feeds with random personal feeds (and I suppose I could cut out all my crazy ego feeds so people wouldn't have to wade through them to get to the good stuff :)).
3 - You're very good at pointing out nitpicky things about writing, commenting, problems with blog tools, and other such minutiae.  I really enjoy that because it teaches me to be specific in my blogging - not just to gloss over a topic, but to drill down into it.  That's where the greatest benefit to you and the reader emerges.
Tip - Put the phonetic spelling of your last name in your blog masthead.  Kidding, kidding!  I just think it's funny that we bloggers can know each other so well from such a distance and then not know how to even pronounce each other's names (poor Darren - it took me forever to learn how to pronounce Rowse).  My real blogtip for you would be to consider maxing out your tags for the three blogs you have claimed in Technorati.  It'll let you put up to twenty, and it's one more free way to guide people to your blogs organically.

Whew!  Blogtipping is addictive!

Read more about blogtipping:
Blogtipping Day
My first three blogtipping "victims"
Technorati index of posts tagged "blogtipping"

Are you an unsuspecting blogtippee?  Please leave your feedback below (and get the new cocomment Firefox extension while you're at it!).

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