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Corporate blogging policy Archives

Apr 7
How Much Freedom Should Corporate Bloggers Have?
David Bowen says, "I suspect corporate blogs (under whatever name) will never match the vibrancy of an even modestly-successful independent blog, simply because they cannot have the same free-wheeling atmosphere."

That got me thinking (thanks for the thoughtful article, David).  Is David right?  Are corporate blogs hampered by nature, or can they be as varied and outspoken and risk-taking in their posts as any other type of blog?

I think that in general, corporate blogging is more restrained and controlled than non-corporate blogging, but I also think that the reasons for that have more to do with inexperience and fear than with inherent limitations of freedom of expression.

Blogs are changing the way companies do business - so far, thousands of small and large companies have started blogs and enjoyed greater success by using them well (or, in some cases, failure due to poor use of a business blog).

Do you agree with David Bowen?  Leave your thoughts below.

Apr 6
How NOT To Make Your Corporate Blog A Legal Liability
The OUT-LAW blog says corporate blogs are a liability.  I respectfully disagree - at least, they really shouldn't be.  Here are four simple ways to keep your blog legally sound:

1. Don't put anything on your business blog that could be deemed inappropriate or illegal.

2. Don't plagiarize.

3. Joke carefully and tastefully.

4. Don't be cruel.

That's the simple version, but it'll work for you.  Don't be afraid of blogging!

If you're not afraid to talk about your business, you shouldn't be afraid to blog about it.
The Truth of Blog Networks: Response To Jeremy Wright
As many of you know, it's Know More Media guest blogger week this week.  Today, Jeremy Wright, president of the b5media blog network and author of Blog Marketing, posted ten questions for blog networks to, our network portal.

I completely disagree with Jeremy.  Kidding, kidding!  Actually, I think he hits the nail right on the head with his questions.  Every blog network - and, to an extent, every corporate blog - ought to ask itself his questions.  The crux of his argument, as I understand it, is that a money-making blog is essentially valueless if it fails to encourage a sense of community.

As Jeremy says, "Anyone can slap up a blog and slop some content on it. But it takes time, energy and passion to create community."  Make sure your corporate blog is no slap-n-slop job!  Try to make the customer feel not only welcome, but valued as a contributor to your community.
How Much Should A Newspaper Pay Its Bloggers?
Check out this article about The Washington Post and tell me what you think.

Should newspapers pay their employees who blog anything extra?  How significant of an activity is internal company blogging?

I think that if a newspaper employee has to work measurably harder in order to help run an internal corporate blog or to put blog posts online, then the company ought to seriously consider compensating that employee accordingly.  Blogging is not as easy as it may seem - blogging well, that is.
Corporate Blogging Surges In Popularity
Dave Hayes at the Kansas City Star spoke with me a few weeks ago about corporate blogging. His article yesterday discusses some of the reasons why more and more companies are creating corporate blogs.  It also offers some excellent basic links and resources about corporate blogging.

While a business blog is not mandatory, not having a good one is, for most companies, missing a great opportunity to spread awareness of company news, products and services.  Dave concludes that companies should carefully evaluate the potential uses of a corporate blog before taking the plunge.  I agree - launch intelligently.

Jump into the pool headfirst, or wade in one inch at a time - but either way, do it wisely, because others are (and will be) watching.

Corporate blogging policy Archives



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