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Sprint Employee Blog Aids Customer Service
Steve Rubel calls attention to an interesting comment exchange that occurred last month on Vicki Warker's blog for Sprint (whose new blog area, "Things That Make You Go Wireless," is picking up speed as it nears its three-month birthday).  As Rubel points out, Warker was able to respond promptly (within nine and a half hours, according to the timestamps) to a customer complaint and forward the issue to the appropriate Sprint employee.

This simple example highlights the power of corporate blogging.  Vicki Warker's bizlog enables her to project a human face and dynamic voice; without it, most customers would only see her title: "Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for Sprint Business Solutions."  Which alternative would make you feel most comfortable about filing a complaint?

In future posts, I will address the benefits (and potential pitfalls) of employee blogging
à la Vicki.

You really should know Steve Rubel, by the way; he's one of the more famous business blogging experts.

Customer service Archives



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