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So I've Read All Those 194-Plus Posts ...
...and I've learned two things:

1) Our Know More Media authors are not only prolific, but also top-notch;
2) It's hard to miss a day when your job involves blogging.

194 Posts In Three Days - Whew!
Life as a blog network editor continues to be busy, but also highly rewarding.  I just checked my NewsGator feeds tonight for the first time since last Friday, and found 194 Know More Media posts awaiting my eyes.  Whew!
Web Metrics Guru Will Cover SES 2006 For Know More Media
Know More Media's Marshall Sponder (the Web Metrics Guru) plans to do some conference blogging at the SES Conference & Expo 2006 this week in New York.

It will be interesting to see how Marshall's experience compares to my first liveblogging experience last month at the University Private Equity Summit in Salt Lake City.

Marshall's a great guy and a great blogger and I look forward to reading his SES conference blog posts.
What Does A Blog Network Editor Do All Day?
As promised yesterday, here is my answer to the simple question, "What do you do all day long for work?"

I couldn't answer that question the same way every week.  The exciting (and sometimes scary) truth is that my job is always changing.  As an associate editor for Know More Media (KMM), my tasks seem to be growing as quickly as the network itself.  Fortunately I am blessed with extremely intelligent bosses and coworkers who make my workdays fly by.  It is a demanding but oh so rewarding job!

So what do I do all day long?  Well, here's typically how I spend my time:

1. Reading - I read a ton.  (I've got stories to tell about reading gluttony.)  First, I try to read every single KMM post and even the comments and trackbacks that appear at many of our posts.  This is not a passive activity.  We now have more than 30 authors spitting out dozens of posts per day.  I suspect that by the end of 2006 we may be publishing a few hundred posts per day.  Also, our conversation index as a network is quickly approaching the magic number of 1, meaning that we will soon have more comments and trackbacks in our system than blog posts.
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Watch The Today Show on NBC This Wednesday
Tune in to The Today Show on NBC this Wednesday, February 1st!  At least from 7:15 to maybe 7:30 am, that is - it's when Know More Media writer George Parker is scheduled to make an appearance to discuss the effect of the Web on newspaper advertising.  I'll be up early to watch it, and I hope you will, too.  George has a great sense of humor and another important sense as well - a keen sense of the good and bad in advertising, and of the trends in that industry.

So why the plug?  Well, this is a blog about business blogging.  And I wanted to give you a one-paragraph example of a gentle nudge (see above).  In your corporate blogging or freelance professional blogging, you'll surely find opportunities to mention people or products that aren't central to your particular discussion, but that you do like or want your readership to know about for some reason.  I say, let 'em know, and do it briefly, and then get back to the meat and potatoes of your discussion.

Just don't mention your cat.

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