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Corporate Blog Review: GM FYI Blog
pixoh_r7nj6d3f5.jpgHere's my quick and dirty review of General Motors' newest corporate blog, the FYI Blog:

What It Is: The FYI Blog is supposed to help people get to know the GM company culture better, by discussing corporate events.  The blog's authors are its employees of all ranks.

Why It Matters: Because GM is a giant company and many other companies are watching to see how successful its second corporate blog will be (the first GM corporate blog available to the public was the FastLane Blog).

Post Frequency: Judging from the FYI blog archives so far, it's about once every day or two (it's got six entries and it's about a week old).  With so many thousands of employees, GM should consider starting many more company blogs, or at least helping its employees post more often.

Blog Design: I'm not an expert, but it looks nice to me.  Nothing scary or flashy.  Offers permalinks, timestamps, comments and trackbacks.  The syndication (feed and email subscription) options are very basic, but they are there.  You wouldn't guess that this was a blog by one of the world's biggest companies, and maybe that's intentional.  There's a simple, straightforward blogroll.

Kudos: I really like that the categories have little icons associated with them.  It just makes the blog more comfortable and intuitive to visit and navigate.  The posts are friendly and the authors respond to visitor comments.

Suggestions: I wish you could easily contact the author of each post.  Right now, all you can see is the post author's name and position at GM.  Also, it just feels very bare - I wish there were a big GM employee blog network of sorts where you could see what employees all over the place were working on and talk to them online about their progress.

Bottom Line: I've only started to really examine the GM FYI Blog, but I think it has lots of promise, even though it's only a week old and has just six entries.  It'll be neat to see if anyone from GM is listening well enough to respond to this post - if you're there, I'd love to talk to you about your blog!  (Take me to your blogger - the one behind the curtain!)

What do you think of the General Motors FYI Blog?  What do you like or dislike about it?

Business Blog Links Of The Day - 4-19-06
I've got a couple weeks left in this semester of grad school, and it's hurting my ability to really flesh out these links into full-fledged posts.  But I really want you to take a look at them.

Martin Veitch of IT Week writes about the rewards and potential risks of corporate blogging.  He concludes, "Many more firms will ponder [blogging] this year. However, [...] conservative ways will often triumph over novelty among risk-averse firms."  So blog sensibly.

Auto maker giant GM has started up a new corporate blog called FYI Blog.  It looks promising.  Here's its "about" post.  Basically, it looks to be a more grass-roots blog as opposed to the top-down perspective of its "head honcho" blog, Fastlane.

Copyblogger explains why "you" and "because" are two very important words to use in your blog posts.

Mike Sigers offers his thoughts on how bloggers can make more money.

Lastly, the Online Journalism Review has a splendid article by Robert Niles on a journalist-blogger hybrid named Michael Hiltzik (a columnist/blogger for the L.A. Times), and how Hiltzik copes!
DigitalGrit Offers Free Business Blogging Webinar
DigitalGrit has an excellent online presentation about corporate blogging that you ought to watch, even if you've been involved with biz blogs for a long time.  At first I thought, "I've probably seen this all before."  But then humility shocked me and I realized that I have a mountain of stuff to learn about business blogging.  And I really enjoyed the webinar and learned new things from it that will help me and my colleagues at Know More Media.

Let me know what you think of DigitalGrit's free webinar!
Blogging Resources To Get You Through The Night
Here are four fun and/or useful links for souls interested in fine blogging.

First, I've just discovered Vitamin (tagline: "Nourishment to help the Web grow").  It's basically a tip resource for bloggers who want to make the most of their blogging - who want to inject their blogs with high-powered vitamins of design and content wisdom.

Not only is the Vitamin site visually pleasing, but it's also extremely functional and easy to use. Kudos to the Vitamin design team for making the site work - if it didn't, they'd probably have a riot on their hands!

If I had a tad more free time, I would have loved to apply to become a Vitamin correspondent.

Subscribe to the Vitamin feeds. It's a promising resource a la Performancing, but even easier to feel welcome at because you don't have to register in order to partake of the full menu.

Anyway, moving on ...
Fun link: Gizoogle.  Check out my blog through the "transizlatin' Page" lens :).

"Why didn't I think of that?" link: Scanr.

Info Glutton Link: Podcasting Legal Guide.  We need one of these for corporate blogging!
Business Blog Weekend Tidbits
Debbie Weil points to a PQ Media report on Web advertising forecasting amazing growth in the amount spent on blog, podcast and RSS ads.  We're talking about going from about $20 million in 2005 to about $50 million in 2006.  Ride the wave.

Dave Taylor talks about the current Bausch & Lomb contact lens crisis - wouldn't it be nice if B&L had an established corporate blog already?

The BBC reports on how many businesses are using blogs to improve their customer service and nip potential crises in the bud.

What goals do you have for your business blog?  Patrick Dodd has some excellent blogging strategy ideas.

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