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May 2
Update: First Blogtipping Day A Fun, Tip-Filled Success
I was amazed at how many of you - and your friends, and even their friends - went blogtipping with me yesterday.  The Technorati "blogtipping" tag, which lay dormant prior to this grand experiment, now boasts links to several excellent, thoughtful, fun blogtipping exploits.  Here's an incomplete list of May 1, 2006 blogtippers and blogtippees.  Thank you for participating!

Blogtipping Honor Roll, May 1, 2006:
Liz Strauss
Liz Thompson
Mike Barlow
Martin Neumann
Mike Sansone
Phil Gerbyshak
Tom Vander Well
Greg Balanko-Dickson
Joseph Thornley
Chris Clarke

Let's make next Blogtipping Day, June 1st (it's the first day of every month), even more special.  Do you think I should offer prizes?  What would you do if you were in my shoes, watching the surprisingly quick viral spread of a decent idea?  How would you capitalize on it in order to benefit the greatest number of people?

Learn more about blogtipping:
May 1, 2006 - the first Blogtipping Day
How to go blogtipping
Technorati index of posts tagged "blogtipping"

Cocomment Firefox Extension: It's Aliiiiiiiiive!
Cocomment Logo.gifJust a quick update and some gushing praises related to the new cocomment Firefox extension.  I've emailed a few of you to vent some of my excitement.

Install the new cocomment Firefox extension!  It streamlines cocomment so you don't have to use a bookmarklet every time you make a comment at a blog.  It works very well - few are the pages where I haven't been able to get it work (and that's what this page is for) - and you can even tag your comments so they are better organized at your cocomment page.

My cocomment page shows all the recent comments I've left using cocomment.

I was conversing with David Brazeal about this when the light flickered on in my mind.  If you get the cocomment extension and comment at that page, it will tell you within a few minutes when another cocomment user posts a follow-up comment!

Here's where you can let your imagination run wild.  What if you could see what a blogger is saying not only at his or her blog, but ALL OVER the blogosphere?  And what if you could grab that as a feed?

Well, you can! See: Comments by Easton
Also: All cocomment comments left on conversations I've joined

This changes the way I blog.  I comment more and respond more quickly to others' comments.  I have a record of where I've commented so I can review those links regularly.  I get notified instantly when another cocomment user responds to me at any of those pages.

Yes, I wish cocomment would index EVERY blog comment (not just ones submitted by cocomment users).  And I wish it offered a comment search engine and slice-and-dice feed creation capability a la  Or a cocommenter directory, organized by tags so you could tag people according to the kinds of comments they made.  And I wouldn't mind if it put ads here or there throughout or charged a subscription fee for extra toys, because I want this idea (or something like it) to succeed.

In a way, your cocomment page and feed become like another personal blog.  It enhances the connectedness of the blogosphere in my mind and makes it easier for people to have conversations.

What ideas do you have for using cocomment?  What do you think cocomment should do to improve?
Cocomment Releases New Firefox Extension
I am super excited about this one!  My favorite comment tracking tool, cocomment, has released a new cocomment Firefox extension.  I'll play with it and let you know what I think.  In the meantime, I highly recommend that you try cocomment out.  It can make keeping track of your conversations a breeze.  (See my cocomment page.)

In fact, cocomment has helped me do a lot MORE commenting around the Web, since I'm no longer so worried that I'll forget where I've talked or what I've said.  GREAT tool.
Business Blog Weekend Tidbits
Debbie Weil points to a PQ Media report on Web advertising forecasting amazing growth in the amount spent on blog, podcast and RSS ads.  We're talking about going from about $20 million in 2005 to about $50 million in 2006.  Ride the wave.

Dave Taylor talks about the current Bausch & Lomb contact lens crisis - wouldn't it be nice if B&L had an established corporate blog already?

The BBC reports on how many businesses are using blogs to improve their customer service and nip potential crises in the bud.

What goals do you have for your business blog?  Patrick Dodd has some excellent blogging strategy ideas.
Fredrik Wacka Stops Updating CorporateBlogging.Info

Say it ain't so, Fredrik!

Try a Google or Yahoo search for "corporate blogging" (with or without the quotes) and you'll see in the first or second spot.  Fredrik Wacka has maintained the popular information site on corporate blogging for some time now, and it's just entrenched in my mind as a great place to go for introductory info on business blogging.  It still is, in my opinion, even though Fredrik has made it into an archive and will no longer update it.  He is continuing things over at his Swedish blog - makes me wish I knew Swedish (although I'm pretty sure I know what "Blogg" means!).

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