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UbiquityHosting.com: Smart Linux Web Hosting Choice
Sponsored ReviewUbiquityHosting.com offers robust Linux Web hosting at affordable prices.  It's an interesting Linux hosting provider because it offers lots of nifty newfangled features like real-time traffic graphs, ASP.NET support for Linux, reseller accounts and the ability to instantly cluster...
Review: Mad Vlad Email Marketing Testimonials Page
Sponsored ReviewAre testimonials more effective than a blog when it comes to generating sales?  How can you combine them for better results? Over the past week or so, Know More Media has published several sponsored posts promoting the Mad Vlad... Continue Reading
Stop Cyberbullying Day: We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore
Why care about Stop Cyberbullying Day?  Why care about Kathy Sierra?Because we have a problem.  You have a problem.  I have a problem.The world and its World Wide Web have a big, big problem. The stalking, the trolling, the harassment, the... Continue Reading
Why YOU Should Attend SOBCon 07 In Chicago May 11-12
Listen. I need you for 45 seconds. SOBCon 07. Chicago. May 11-12.250+ SOBs (Successful and Outstanding Bloggers).Open Mic Night. Christine Kane.The Relationship Geek. The Conversation Conductor. The BlogJolter. The Instigator.  The CREEator. The Starbucker.THE Successful Blogger.But that's just the beginning.SOBCon... Continue Reading
Stomp On Over to the b5media Business Channel
The team at b5media knows their blogging stuff.  They're a big blog network - a few times bigger than Know More Media (where this blog resides) - and they've just officially launched a business channel (like a mini-network) consisting at... Continue Reading
Warning to ReviewMe: Make Advertisers Accountable for Disclosure, Too
ReviewMe launched a few days ago.  It's another service where advertisers can pay bloggers to write about a given product or topic.  The folks at ReviewMe say that unlike with PayPerPost (which launched a few weeks ago), bloggers paid through... Continue Reading

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