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Business Blog Links Of The Day - 4-19-06
I've got a couple weeks left in this semester of grad school, and it's hurting my ability to really flesh out these links into full-fledged posts.  But I really want you to take a look at them.

Martin Veitch of IT Week writes about the rewards and potential risks of corporate blogging.  He concludes, "Many more firms will ponder [blogging] this year. However, [...] conservative ways will often triumph over novelty among risk-averse firms."  So blog sensibly.

Auto maker giant GM has started up a new corporate blog called FYI Blog.  It looks promising.  Here's its "about" post.  Basically, it looks to be a more grass-roots blog as opposed to the top-down perspective of its "head honcho" blog, Fastlane.

Copyblogger explains why "you" and "because" are two very important words to use in your blog posts.

Mike Sigers offers his thoughts on how bloggers can make more money.

Lastly, the Online Journalism Review has a splendid article by Robert Niles on a journalist-blogger hybrid named Michael Hiltzik (a columnist/blogger for the L.A. Times), and how Hiltzik copes!

Apr 8
15 Blogging Tips I Live By And Tools I Use
Darren Rowse was kind enough to publish a post of mine at Problogger today.  In the post, I talk about 15 blogging tips and tools that I have found important.  Have a great weekend (or whatever's left of it, if you're in the land down under with Darren!), and let me know what you think of my tools and tips.
Apr 3
How To Evaluate A Blog Network
Jeremy Wright, president and co-founder of the excellent b5media blog network, has several great ideas on how to evaluate a blog network.  (To fully understand his questions and answers, you should read Jeremy's KMM guest post, "The Truth About Blog Networks.")

If you are interested in joining or starting a blog network, read Jeremy's thoughts first.

For me, the most important question to ask about a blog network is this: How indispensable is its content? In other words, if that blog network disappeared suddenly, how distressed would you be?

The second most important question in my mind for evaluating a blog network is this two-part question: Where is it going, and how fast? Are the blogs improving in terms of their design, posting frequency, and content originality?  Is it getting more and more enjoyable for you to visit the network?  Is the traffic improving regularly?

The third question I would ask if I wanted to "grade" a blog network would be another two-parter: Who's in charge, and how do they run it? If you're looking for a blog network to work for, this question is super important.
Chris Bubny: Should Realtors Have Real Estate Blogs?
Note by Easton: Thanks go out to to Chris Bubny for offering us this guest post on real estate blogging.  This week is Know More Media Guest Blogger Week.

Thanks to Easton for the flattering invitation to participate in Know More Media’s Guest Blogger Week. The chance to evangelize on blogs is always one I enjoy.

In another life, I’m a project manager and blog consultant for Blogging Systems, a company that provides turn-key community blog networks for the real estate and lending industries. I also administer Realty Blogging, A Network of Blogging Evangelists Writing on Effective Real Estate Blogging which Blogging Systems hosts.

I’d like to share an email I received from a realtor who was curious about whether or not starting a blog would help their business.

“Really need to get my business off the ground, the fees are killing me. Would a blog help, let me know. Thanks”

The answer is yes, a blog can help your business, but a blog is only as valuable as its blogger's efforts. I can’t imagine you had loads of anxious sellers and buyers banging on your door the day you got your Real Estate license. Just like anything else blogging requires time and effort. If handled with care a blog can be your online voice, a conversation, a unique marketing tool, an edge over your competition and an extension of your brand, but unless you take hold of the reins and steer it properly it won’t be anything but an inert dud. But fear not; there are so many tools and so much information readily available to help you in this new undertaking that success is but an effort away. As a Real Estate agent you’re inherently linked to the people of the community you serve. A blog presents you with an opportunity to reach out to that community and interact in a new fashion, manage customer relations, position yourself as the market expert, extend your brand and increase your online presence.

One challenge I often get from realtors is that they just don’t have the time to blog. Blogging Systems has a wonderful solution to their setback called Community Publisher. Community Publisher is an online, branded, hyper-local “newspaper like” blog hosted by realtors such as Lake County Blog presented by The Crockett Team. The content of the community blog is contributed by local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Education, local charities, etc. and as a result you’ve overcome the time issue. It’s a brilliant way to extend your brand and drive traffic to your website all the while providing an invaluable resource to your local area.

If you’re a Real Estate agent that is serious about their business and are willing and able to invest a little time and effort then I absolutely recommend starting your own blog.

by Chris Bubny
Jon Watson Has A New Blog About Business Podcasting
Jon Watson has started a new Know More Media blog about professional podcasting:  Hop on over there and give him a big welcome.  Then ask him a tough question or two about business podcasting!

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