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Ted Demopoulos: The Four Types of Business Blogs
Note by Easton: Special thanks to Ted Demopoulos for this guest post on business blogs. It's part of the continuing Know More Media Guest Blogger Week.

It's extremely important to plan a business blog instead of just "starting" it. Part of the planning must include what type of blog is being started. I break business blogs into four basic types depending on their primary purpose:

1) Internal blogs: Internal blogs are used for internal company or project communications, and are not available on the Internet.

Often they replace a lot of emails, and serve as a repository of information, avoiding the "who should I cc:?," "where is that email?," and " who followed up on the email?" type worries.

2) Problogs: I call blogs started primarily to make money, for example through advertising and affiliate programs, problogs. A problog can be on ANY topic that people are interested in, for example handbags or cameras.

Blogs in blog networks are often in this category, for example this one. I think of them as the blog equivalent of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV shows.

3) Company Blogs: These are blogs started to help support an existing company or product. These blogs help companies by communicating with customers and getting feedback, increasing traffic to the companies website, generally getting the word out about the company, increasing potential customer's comfort level with the company, etc. There are many different types of company blogs, for example product blogs, industry blogs, etc. A great post on this subject is Mark Nash: Business Blog Taxonomy 101.

Examples include GM's FastLane Blog and my The Ted Rap Blog.

4) Independent professional blogs: These are similar to company blogs, but are written – and owned – by individuals. These people are usually passionate about their work and blog about it.

Examples include Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion and Bob Cargill's A New Marketing Commentator. Both gentlemen recently switched employers, but since their blogs are their own property, their blogging has continued on uninterrupted.

Do all business blogs fit neatly into these categories – no, of course not, but I find this a useful categorization at least for myself, and for my clients when planning a business blog.

By Ted Demopoulos

Naked Conversations Coming Soon To My Mailbox
Naked Conversations, a new book about business blogging by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, is finally on its way to me.  (I ordered that sucker like two months ago!)

As soon as I get it I'll tear through it and let you know what I think of it.  Prediction: It'll be good.  (Better than Jeremy Wright's Blog Marketing?)

Bonus Reads: Some blogging books that my Know More Media teammates and I happen to like.
Dec 9
Review: 100 Pages of Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright
Here are my thoughts on the first hundred pages or so of Jeremy Wright's new book, Blog Marketing (read my earlier thoughts on the book):

 - The biggest impression so far is that this book will be of greatest benefit to business owners who don't (yet) know much about blogging.  The timing, then, couldn't be better, since by this time next year it's quite likely that few business owners won't know what blogs are and how they can be used to enhance a business.

- So far it's been a really quick read.  Jeremy doesn't get into the real nuts and bolts of business blogging until page 70, where he says, "This part of the book provides the hands-on, rubber-meets-the-road, chicken-hits-the-skillet kind of information I'm sure you're champing at the bit to know."  I have to admit that I wasn't all that impressed with what the first seventy pages told me ... but maybe that's because it covers principles and concepts about blogging that most people can learn within a few weeks of starting to blog.  After page 70, the book has picked up some steam and I'm pleased with the concrete examples I've found.
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Dec 6
Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright - First Look
Tonight I checked the mail when I got home and lo and behold, a book had come from Amazon.  It was Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright of and b5media fame.  I'm sure the book will be well worth the $16.47 I spent for it at  (Okay, so shipping was maybe three or four dollars on top of that.)

I'll blog about Jeremy's book as I read it and let you all know what I think of it and how it might help us learn all about business blogging.  (Sorry, no full-page quotes :)).  If you or I find anything lacking in Blog Marketing, let's talk about it here too - no need to be shy.  I'm sure Jeremy would appreciate the feedback.  Please try to be fair and constructive in giving your opinions of the book.  I haven't read it just yet, but hope to do so by this weekend so I can post an initial review for you.

At first glance, Blog Marketing (about 300 pages, plus some introductory material, a helpful glossary, a few endnotes and a well-done index) appears to focus on the nuts and bolts of business blogging - especially, corporate blogging as opposed to freelance blogging for money through advertising, etc.  ("Business blog" can mean several things.)  Sorry that's so brief, but it's late and I've only had time to page quickly through it.  If you're itching for something to read, try part of the first chapter of Blog Marketing.  It's written in a simple, engaging style and offers many helpful blogging tips.

This is one of the most talked-about and anticipated books about blogging of 2005, along with Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel (which Amazon should get to me shortly).  Let me know if you find any other books you'd like me to review.  Please leave your opinions of Blog Marketing below for all of us to benefit!

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