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Small Business Blog Review: Strategic Name Development
Company Name: Strategic Name Development

Blog URL:

About: A consulting company that specializes in the naming of business products, services and companies.  They can come up with great brand names for you, and they can also analyze the brand names you are using.

Content: Updated nearly every day.  Little photos spice up their entries.  (I know, I haven't mastered that skill yet.  Patience.)  Their content is fresh and interesting, and they really know what they are talking about.  If I had a company of my own, their blog would definitely make me more interested in their business.

Blog Design: Nothing too fancy, but then again, who said a business blog had to be all bells and whistles?  I find the color scheme and layout to be quite pleasing.  There's a professional-yet-personal sense that I get as I read it.

Other: You get free language lessons from time to time ("Wouldn't you rather promote a TV Network than a Fernsehgesellschaft?").  You can search the blog easily.  You can subscribe to it easily, too.  I suppose the company could try to spice it up even more, like with interviews, podcasts, or videos, but then again, they are doing a great job as is.

Overall: A fine example of judicious use of blogging technology to enhance corporate presence on the Web.

Thanks to Bob Gladstein for mentioning this blog to me.

Small Business Blog Review: Stone Creek Coffee
Company Name: Stone Creek Coffee

Blog URL:

About: Founded in 1993, Stone Creek Coffee is a specialty "roaster and retailer" with nine coffee stores in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Content: Usually updated one or twice a week - perhaps about right for a company of this type, but I'd like to see more frequent posting.  The posts are brief, offer appropriate links, and often include photos.

Blog Design: The old-fashioned look charms me with its brown tones, Polaroid photos and clean organization.  The green and brown text colors make me a little queasy after a while, though.

Other: I love how the blog offers detailed information about the company's history, people, practices and products.  You can easily leave suggestions and read company reports.  I feel welcome at this blog.

Overall: This is a great small business blog.  The content, design and impact are charming and effective. How many people would know about Stone Creek Coffee without its website?  It's a well-designed marketing tool that draws customers in to the company effectively.

Thanks to Paul Chaney for mentioning the Stone Creek Coffee blog.
Small Business Blog Spotlight
Paul Chaney over at AllBusiness has started a small business blogging project similar to my Small Blist meme.  He plans to highlight one small biz blog each week for the next year.  I recommend that we all keep an eye on his project; I'm sure that it will shed much-needed light on many wonderful small business blogs.

If you have a small business blog, tell Paul so.  If not, start one today!  I offer free business blogging tips to help you as you begin blogging.  If you're hesitant, see if you fit the profile of most non-blogging companies.  And if you're completely lost, learn what a business blog is.

A Business Blogging Meme For All of Us
Thank you for being here.  I'd like to propose a meme.

Let's make a small business blog list together.  By small business, I mean a company with less than 100 employees.  By blog, I mean entries (in reverse chronological order) by the small business about its product(s) or service(s).

Tell me the small business blog's URL.  If it's legit, I will post my review of it and open the floor for your opinions.

For now, it's called the Small Blist (sounds like bliss, rhymes with list).  I know; let me know if you can think of a better name.  It will be a free guide to a variety of small biz blogs.

Meme away!

The Small Blist Archives



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