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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
If you need me, please leave a comment below or email me. I'm taking a couple weeks off for the holidays and you should too if you can. I'll be checking email every day or two, but will only answer...
Oct 9
What Difference Does Your Blog Make?
Does your blog make a difference?Does your blog matter? How can you change the way you and others perceive your blog? This post is about making a difference through your blog.  My purpose here is not to tell you what... Continue Reading
2057: A Blogger's Odyssey
August 28, 2007.I brood on the couch.  The cool night air lifts the gentle refrain of crickets through gently billowing curtains, but fails to soothe.My nervous fingers batter black buttons on a silver box in my lap as I try... Continue Reading
Corporate Lifestreaming: Simple And Useful
Steve Rubel and Josh Bancroft, two notable tech bloggers, have created lifestreams (Josh's concept) at their personal sites.  A lifestream is a running record of one's online published content - an aggregation of your blogging, Twittering, commenting (if you use... Continue Reading
Online Success Comes to in the Timeshare Industry
A recent press release describes how a very forward-thinking company is using modern web technology to carve out a significant business. is a company that has grown its site traffic by 53% over 2006 and increased its business... Continue Reading
How Far In Advance Are Your Posts Prescheduled?
If you were suddenly unable to create new posts for your blog, how long would your blog survive?1 day?  7 days?  A month? Anyone got blog posts pre-scheduled more than a month in advance?I'm just curious to find out who's... Continue Reading

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